2023 Elections: Why APC and PDP Aspirants Must Bring A Consensus And Face Tinubu As The Jagaban Shapes The 2023 Elections


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2023 Elections: Why APC and PDP Aspirants Must Bring A Consensus And Face Tinubu As The Jagaban Shapes The 2023 Elections


“When I reach Igbo land, dem calling me Odogwu ….And as I enter the town, I put am for agu (Odogwu)

And nobody can stop you, na so we dey fly pass oh…Over any obstacle, e be Odogwu (Odogwu).”

-Burna Boy’s hit jam Odogwu.

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In the Igbo region of Nigeria, Odogwu is a name or title given to a bold and strongman. Odogwu represents a fantastic and great person. In a nutshell, Odogwu means “champion.”


Burna Boy has it all when it comes to musical grandeur and winning home the Grammy. I had to put this tune of our African pride on repeat to help me express myself with the current reality of our 2023 presidential race.


The PDP which has 17 aspirants for the 2023 presidential election and the APC which is projected to have 40 presidential aspirants have one thing in common, ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU.


Tinubu is their opponent, according to a careful analysis of the campaign formulas of all presidential contenders from both parties. It would be fantastic if all of these aspirants could unite as one indivisible entity.


So, if Tinubu is their problem, they should reach out to both parties and provide one credible opponent to defeat the Jagaban; otherwise, how can you explain why there are over 50 aspirants running and all their followers can talk about is Tinubu?

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Is Tinubu the custodian of their aspirants kidney that they wont allow the Jagaban to drink his water and drop his cup? Haba.


The amusing aspect of the whole situation is that whenever these presidential aspirants’ supporters talk, all they can say is that Tinubu will be stopped and their aspirant would win. “Why Tinubu, Tinubu, Tinubu, Tinubu, Tinubu?


Greatness and beauty do not belong to the gods alone, Tinubu has worked hard for the presidency and naturally becomes the threat of any aspirant, even the Lilliputians that are on life support parties would still say Tinubu is their headache.


In competitions and even war, the CHAMPION is always the one who is despised; they would use both traditional and blackmail methods to discredit the champion while, in reality, what they should do is focus on their strengths and use them to overcome their obstacles.

However, because Tinubu has become their stumbling block, their survival now hinges on him continuing in the race.



If Tinubu happens to withdraw from the contest what now becomes of their ambitions?


Most of these political neophytes casting aspersions on Tinubu cant lace his shoes. These hate filled souls have made it a duty to slander his image but the man keep showing them why he is the Lion of Bourdillon.


Listen to Burna Boy sing…”na who dey draw the map e oh (Odogwu)….You are looking at the champion (Odogwu)….Champion”


It’s no longer a secret that Tinubu writes the song for other people’s campaigns, and his network is certainly murdering his critics. So, if Nigerians ask what these people’s ideals and manifestos are for Nigerians, I expect them to say Tinubu must be stopped, because that is their campaign slogans.


An election is like a six-lane fast road with overtaking lanes; if you can’t keep up with your competition, it’s no one else’s problem but your own.


With this song, Burna Boy stated it all. Odogwu,

“Make I remind you as e dey go…

Bounce to the sound when I bounce with the dough….Serve yourself, na the matter we dey do

Omo you dey slow, move make I move….I go slide then you go sink like a boat”


Shey una dey hear lyrics ? Tinubu is on a highway and doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

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So, if Tinubu is the recurrent decimal in everyone’s presidential campaign, why can’t both the APC and PDP presidential aspirants work together to defeat Tinubu? I’m sure some warped minds would spin this, but the truth, as they say, is bitter. How can you expect to defeat Tinubu if every aspirant views him as their only opponent and are fighting him individually ?


So, if Tinubu is their headache, the only way to stop him is for them to form a grand alliance against him. Let’s see whether they can unite and shame Tinubu in the presidential election because Tinubu has taken their KIDNEYS.


So keep bouncing to the beat that Tinubu would crash while he keeps leading in the polls. Tinubu is a movement, and it did not happen overnight; he planned for it, worked hard for it, reached out for it, and made sure he gave it his all in all he did; today, he is the Champion, and the detractors are howling.


Tinubu has the presidential map for 2023 in his hands, therefore let’s get moving.


Once again my name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and na me be the Principal and Chairman/CEO Bush Radio Academy.


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