2023 Guber Race: Cross River South To Produce Next Governor


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2023 Guber Race: Cross River South To Produce Next Governor


As the build up into the 2023 political year begin to build momentum with several political permutations and calculations being rolled out by various interest groups, we members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Southern Agenda, (MASA) deems it fit to make the following points and make our position clear as it concerns the 2023 General Elections.

1. We have observed with keen interest how many beneficiaries of the political benevolence of Zoning have suddenly out of selfish and personal interest decided to move against and burn the same bridge that Crossed them from political obscurity to limelight. And thus decided to put an end to the display of such level of high powered greed and self centeredness.

2. No politician in Cross River State, dead or alive will be bold enough to say that the rotational politics we have imbibed as a State in all strata of our political structures have not helped in stabilizing our politics. It has helped in a great way in reducing rancor and disagreement, it has also helped in the even distribution of power as well has sharing of amenities and several other benefits of democracy.

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3. It is based on the aforementioned background that we want to profoundly appreciate the boldness and tenacity of Hon. Barr. Chris Nja-mbu Ogar, member of the Cross River State House of Assembly representing the good people of Etung State Constituency for his boldness and pragmatic style of leadership especially as it boarders on the 2023 General Elections, where he is the first public office holder to come out publicly to make audacious statements as regards the zoning structure existing in the state politics. His stands for truth and justice as it concerns this matter is well celebrated. We only wish many more of his kind will come out boldly to defend the truth, just has he has done.

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4. Ultimately and without mincing words and with all sense of responsibility towards the Development of Cross River State, we as members of MASA categorically states here in clear terms that we support and stand by the existing gentleman zoning formula in the state. Where the three Senatorial districts have enjoyed their fair share of 8 years each in piloting the affairs of the state, it’s only logical and fair in reasoning that the circle continues.

For the avoidance of doubt there are certain questions we will like to put across to the those opposing zoning and we will want them to be frank to themselves and their paymasters in answering these questions:

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First, apart from the fact that they will be scuttling the peaceful process and political system, for their selfish and self centered ambitions, what harm or evil has zoning brought upon the state?

Secondly, are they saying that elitism style of politics will best represent the interest of all Cross Riverians as oppose to egalitarianism style of politics which seeks to ensure that every zone weak or strong are treated fairly and equally represented at all times with equity and fairness?

We members of the aforementioned group having taken into consideration all the arguments and counter arguments for and against zoning in Cross River State hereby unequivocally states that having weighed all options we therefore, call on all positive minded and well meaning Cross Riverians from across party lines to queue behind the proponents of continuation of zoning in the politics of Cross River State.

It is important to note that most of the people kicking against Zoning today, had at one time or the other benefited immensely from the zoning structure either in their various Wards, Local Government Areas micro politics or at the larger platform of the state or national politics, either within their various political structures or statewide.

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We have therefore made up our minds to resist any person, or group of persons who wants to truncate this peaceful process that has brought political understanding and stability in our body polity as a State.

Be it as it may, we are not ready to sacrifice competency on the alter of zoning, We therefore call on the South to put their houses in order, get more united and produce for us someone who is blameless, people oriented, pragmatic and responsible enough to lead us as a State. It is our believe that no Senatorial have the monopoly of competency in leadership, every district have qualified and competent hands to lead us as a governor.

MASA is ready to mobilize and work with the south to actualise this Agenda, our hands are on the plough and there’s no going back on this.

Our interest is for peace and the progress of Cross River State and we are ready to protect the unity, peace and Development of our dear state.

Thank you and God bless Cross River State


Comrade Christian Kejou
_National Coordinator


2023 Guber Race: Cross River South To Produce Next Governor


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