2023: Okpechi FG Will Move Obubra-Etung Federal Constituency To A Place Of Strength 


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2023: Okpechi FG Will Move Obubra-Etung Federal Constituency To A Place Of Strength






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The parliament in general and the House of Representatives, in particular, is a citadel of representative democracy where policies, motions and laws are made to serve the common good. The House of Representatives is a deliberative body, so it needs people who are able to talk and articulate issues convincingly through motions and debate raised. A motion is an official proposal by a member of the parliament calling on the assembly to take a certain action. So, a motion is made for the purpose of eliciting a decision of the House of Representatives. Almost every matter is determined in the House by a motion being moved.

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A motion does not necessarily lead to a decision of the House. In some circumstances it may be dropped, it may be withdrawn, or the question before the House may be superseded or deferred. The ability to have your motion passed hinges on the lawmaker’s capacity to explain his stand and concerns in public debates. Since the quality of the lawmaker we send, determines the quality of representation we get. We should therefore send an intelligent representative with communication skills, competence and deep knowledge and understanding of issues, for effective representation.


Obubra-Etung need Rt. Hon (Dr) Okpechi Friday Gabriel to help address the plight of Obubra-Etung Federal Constituency by drawing the attention of the federal government to the challenges; such as unemployment, empowerment, etc affecting the Federal constituency, and the need to lobby for the actualisation of these challenges, through motions and bills.

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Okpechi Friday Gabriel is articulate and plays good politics, so he will get other lawmakers to support his motions and bills.


Okpechi FG is a lettered man, with integrity and a passion for the progress of Obubra-Etung. He’s a humble man with deep knowledge and understanding, an orator and a team player with the capacity, good relation and connections with others, he will get the support for his motion for his people of Obubra-Etung. Through his uncontestable motions, he will raise awareness of the unemployment menace ravaging the constituency and also get the attention of the federal government to strengthen the Obubra-Etung Federal Constituency’s economic position for greater industrialization.

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We need quality and effective representation for Obubra-Etung at the 10th Assembly. Okpechi FG has demonstrated effective representation, vision, capacity, integrity, connections and unassuming personality in all the various leadership roles he has served both in the public and private space. He will work with various political leaders at the national and state level to Strengthen Obubra-Etung Federal Constituency for progress.


Come 2023 let all patriots in Obubra-Etung rally around Okpechi Friday Gabriel to represent us at the Green Chamber.







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