2023: Would You Rather Vote For A Southern APC Candidate As President Or A Northern PDP Candidate Just To Make Sure APC As Party Doesn’t Retain Power?


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2023: Would You Rather Vote For A Southern APC Candidate As President Or A Northern PDP Candidate Just To Make Sure APC As Party Doesn’t Retain Power?


As 2023 elections approaches, the trajectory that the two major political parties are likely to take, is becoming clearer.

From all feelers, PDP is going North while APC is likely coming South due to the interest of the Southern gladiators of the fold.

Now, the question is simple; would you rather vote for a Southern APC candidate as president or would rather vote a northern PDP candidate just to make sure APC as party doesn’t retain power?

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I ask this because as much as the ‘Islamic party’ tag on APC seemed to be a matter of propaganda in 2015, the activities of the party so far since it gained power has not helped to take that tag away.

We might wanna argue that whoever is the president is what matters but do not lose sight of party politics. It is the party who will determine who the senate president will be, the Speaker of House of Representatives and all. These are important components if the president must deliver and correct the ills of this administration especially in some agenda considered northern-centric.

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The PDP on the other hand, is not a party of saints but if you were to judge them dispassionately, we would agree that it is the only nationalistic party around. In the 16 years it held sway, the ethnic agenda was pursued to the detriment of other ethnic nationalities.

So, the question is simple; would you vote APC again because the have presented a Southern Candidate or would you rather a northerner becomes president again in PDP rather than see APC as a party retain.


  1. I will prefer to cast my vote to PDP because the party has human face than the faceless APC which it’s idiology is to punish the Christians and humiliate the weak. The government of APC is seen as reducing the population of some ethnic groups charisteristic of killing, inflicting hunger, mismanagement of resources, lack of roads, health facilities, no good schools, no proper planning etc. Infact tribalistic nature of northerners destroyed this Country which was noted during the last reign of PDP led by President Good luck Ebelle Jonathan. We are hopping that comes 2023when PDP will take over power again will witness such grouth in economy. We pray for that opportunity to come again.

  2. I will never for APC as a party!
    APC (the fulani HERDSMEN) party will only give power to Southerners who will serve them and not Nigeria so just forget APC as a platform. The APC Southern President will be worse than a Buhari!

    The only solution is to give a moderate Northerner the Presidency who can return Nigeria to normalcy and hand over to a young capable Southerner who can take Nigeria forward and only the PDP can offer that as Jonathan was planning to before these evil men ganged up against him because of where he comes from.

  3. Fact remains if we want a Nigeria we clamour for , I don’t think any of the aforementioned parties can give us that. They are Same, these guys they know where they all meet, they are strategists, they have mastered the art of brain manipulations, left for me, both parties are a no, I will prefer a fresh party with a reputable flag bearer to these parties .


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