65 Niger Communities Bought Motorcycles For Terrorists, Signed N20 Million Peace Agreement With Boko Haram To Avoid Future Attacks


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65 Niger Communities Bought Motorcycles For Terrorists, Signed N20 Million Peace Agreement With Boko Haram To Avoid Future Attacks

To stop potential Boko Haram raids, residents of 65 communities in Niger State have resorted to negotiating and signing a peace agreement with the insurgents, FIJ can exclusively say.

This came just days after the terror group forcibly evicted over 5,000 villagers from their ancestral homes in the Shiroro and Munya local councils.

Boko Haram had hoisted its flag after taking over several communities in Niger, according to Abubakar Bello, the state’s governor.

While the Nigerian Army’s spokesman, Muhammad Yerima, said he was unaware of Boko Haram’s incursion into Niger State, Wasiu Abiodun, the state’s police spokesperson, said he couldn’t refute Governor Bello’s argument about the terrorist group’s infiltration.

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“The executive governor is the state’s chief security officer. Are you expecting the police to challenge or overturn the executive governor’s decision?” Abiodun posed the question to a CNN reporter.

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However, FIJ has learned that communities in the Shiroro region of the state’s Gurmana, Manta, Bassa, and Kukoki districts have struck a peace deal with terrorists after agreeing to pay certain sums of money in each group.

To appease the terrorists, the communities have purchased at least six Honda motorcycles worth N500,000.

“This is what the majority of the communities are doing. According to my records, more than 40 communities have signed a peace agreement with the terrorists,” said Yusuf Sani, co-convener of Concerned Shiroro Youth, while verifying the incidents to FIJ.

“While some communities have already reached an agreement with terrorists on a truce and are reaping the rewards, others are close to doing so.

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“Because the government’s much-anticipated intervention is not imminent, the affected victims have been left to find remedies for themselves.”

Sani also said that the communities paid at least N20 million to the terrorists to sign the peace agreement. He went on to say that, despite the fact that the talks were conducted over the phone, more communities are preparing to sign up for the peace agreement.

Mary Joel Merje, the Niger State government’s Chief Press Secretary, did not respond to multiple calls from FIJ. She also didn’t respond to our request for an opinion on the matter.

The villages are listed below.



(1) Wongo
(2). Kukoki
(3). Masuku
(4). Zangoro
(5). Gungu
(6). Rumache Madalla
(7). Rumache Gari
(8). Maguga
(9). Marenje
(10). Malawai
(11). Madagwa
(12). Kadaga
(13). Hana Wanka
(14). Durumi
(15). Farar Kasa

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(1). Gurmana
(2). Kokki Makaranta
(3). Kokki Magami
(4). Shekadna
(5). Karibo
(6). Rango
(7). Sarkin Zama
(8). Bakin Kogi (Lagbe)
(9). Maganda
(10). Jabukin Sama
(11). Jabukin Kasa
(12). Guto
(13). Gwaja
(14). Sundna
(15). Fiyi
(16). Unguwan Turakin Kokki
(17). Kuchiwi
(18). Tsohon Gari
(19). Kokki Bodo
(24).Ajata Aboki
(25). Birke


(6).Sabon Gida
(8).Farin Hula
(10).Beri Kago


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