Unknown someone keeps sending money to my diamond access bank, this is the second time am recieving money to my account, which is 30,290 & 30,136 naira and the text on the remark is a foreign name.

At first i got alert of 30,260 with remark “Stepan zemalek”, at first i thought someone mistakenly sent money to my account, i said lemme wait if i will receive a call from someone claiming the money but nobody called to claim the money, not knowing that my bank have deducted 530 naira for sms fee nd 200 naira for stamp nd postal fee, i have to transfer the money the money to my rubies bank account with the hope somebody will call me nd claim the money.

Secondly, i got another alert of 30,136 with the remark saying “Jaonna LiebeltEtzler/18.9.20”.

I dont remember giving anybody my bank details apart from my mom nd uncles, i have called my bank customer care to complain about it and to know who sent the money from my account but he said he cant disclose the information to me. i have complained to the bank and the keep saying their normal bla bla.

I need help on what to do next….below is the screenshot of the alert.

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