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You Are A Fraudster, Pathological Liar, Be Ready To Provide Your Proof — Sen. Ita Giwa Tells Agba Jalingo

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“I am a product of journalism and activism by birth and marriage, therefore i refuse to
be gagged or misrepresented by any person masquerading as a journalist. In fact you will have to kill me first before i allow anyone to toy with my hard earned reputation in Nigeria.


I cherish the high ideals of journalism and will go to any extent in the pursuit of truth and equity, indeed i insist that Nigerians Deserve to be served the truth at all times.


My late mother Chief Beatrice Bassey was an activist journalist who was jailed several times by the authorities of her era, and Dele Giwa the man who married me paid the ultimate price for the profession. I am therefore intimately aware of the high price journalists pay in the pursuit of truth hence my tremendous respect for the profession. However, you Mr Agba Jalingo are a common blackmailer and merchant of falsehood. Unlike other people you have picked on, I am not obliged to pander to any government or person. I am independent and beyond being bought over or threatened.

My earlier statement contained some cogent facts that your disjointed rejoinder has failed to address. You pointedly lied about my being smuggled into Calabar a day before the ceremony. This clearly stands you out as a fraud and pathological liar. I am willing to provide the invoice and flight manifest of the private jet that brought me into Calabar on the 2nd of May.


You had better provide your proof of my being smuggled into Calabar on the 28th of May, failure to do this will result in my instituting legal action against you. Believe me when I say all the proceeds of your blackmail enterprise would be awarded to me at the end of the day.

Your obstinate insistence on hiding behind a poor old Bakassi widow to practice your juvenile Obudu local politics is typical of the intellectual midget that you are. If it is not that you’re a moron, the issue of the widow not physically occupying the housing unit has been attributed to the current lack of security at Ifia Oyong.


Maybe your deficient upbringing and limited intelligence has beclouded your ability to appreciate the need for a poor old widow to be secure in the home that the Governor graciously allotted to her. In this era of the Covid pandemic and the need for social distancing, it is commendable that the government has built housing units for some Bakassi indigenes in a bid to eliminate the overcrowding at the refugee camps. All of this is lost on you as you engage imaginary opponents in your quixotic battles. Knowing how nefarious characters like you can be, I made it a point to visit the said widow at the refugee camp to ensure that she has not been spirited away to extract more false stories which you will then, attribute to her.

Your envious reference to some of my hard earned advantages in life and glib attribution of them to unknown business track records is proof positive of your “Johnny Come Lately” status. 28 years ago when I ran for a seat in the national assembly, After qualifying as a nurse and eing trained as a medical secretary in England. I returned to Nigeria and worked as a sales representative in 2 major pharmaceutical companies before striking out on my own. I thus became a leading business woman in Lagos with extensive interests in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment supply sector.


I have since expanded my business interests to include oil and gas which is my right as a Niger Delta woman. If you must know, i do not own a private jet but per adventure i do, I will not have any reason to apologise as i am eminently qualified to own one. I simply Chattered one to come to Calabar and if that gives you sleepless nights too bad.

Seeing as your progenitors lack the enterprise to rise to the lofty heights hard work and providence has graced me with, I can understand your jealous irritation. While you have been busy practicing your stomach infrastructure variety of journalism, I have been advancing the course of my people of Bakassi and expending a considerable amount of my personal resources to provide succour for them. The infradig of a low-life like you attempting to cast aspersions on me is quite revealing of your lunacy. You had better prepare to substantiate your hallucinations about me in court as I promise to sue you for all you’re worth, let me assure you that I am prepared to dedicate a considerable amount of my time and resources to teaching a runt like you a lesson or two on manners and decorum. If in the past you’ve gotten away with your egregious practice of yellow journalism, you have now bitten more than your decayed teeth can ever chew. This Mama as you call me has your time and will not hesitate to go toe to toe with you”

Dame, Senator (Princess) Florence Ita-Giwa OON



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Jake Clifford

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