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Akwa Ibom Man Dumps Girlfriend After Discovering Her Mom Sells ‘Periwinkle’

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Akwa Ibom Man Dumps Girlfriend After Discovering Her Mom Sells ‘Periwinkle’


A man in Akwa Ibom state has uncovered he canceled the “sweet” and “remarkable” relationship he had with his sweetheart after she supposedly lied on different occasions about her parent’s personality.

Taking to Facebook, Akwa Effiong said his secondary school darling Ms Glory Sam misled him that her dad was a top military official; and her mum, a senior attendant, both situated in Abuja.

As indicated by Effiong, he anyway found that Glory’s mum was a periwinkle dealer in one of the business sectors in the capital city of Uyo, and the lady allegedly separated in tears subsequent to being disclosed to her girl would not connect with her exchange.

The man said he went up against Glory after the revelation. What’s more, she lied once more.

He at that point took her to the market where her mum was offering, just for his ex to stay silent and began acting oddly.

Akwa Effiong said he split with Glory since she lied.

Effiong, who portrayed himself as somebody who keeps a “private and profoundly arranged” relationship, said he chose to stand up on the issue after his ex shared a post to his timetable keeping up that she was “still enamored with my first love, Akwa Nta Effiong”.

Washing his hands off the relationship, Effiong said in the event that Glory could upbraid her natural parent due to her helpless condition, at that point “you can condemn me one day when the going is intense”.

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He expressed that he was single and had no youngsters from “anyone, anyplace,” communicating trust that “when everything looks good, the Lord will consummate what concerns me about marriage”.

Magnificence then was at this point to remark on the issue.

Peruse his post underneath.

As at 6:30am today, I had arrangement of calls from companions and they caused me to notice this post on my divider. Since I was at that point asking I chose not to be upset. From that point I continued to the washroom getting ready to go out for the day’s hustle, I needed to stand by till when I emerged from the restroom before I could come on the web and see what was going on.

Indeed Glory Sam Glory Sam was my sweetheart in those days in Lutheran secondary school obot idim and we had fascinating occasions together even after we left school. The adoration was sweet I should admit and it was loaded up with some extraordinary experience. The adoration making, the kissing, the sentiment, the play and so on

Is it safe to say that i was her first love? I wouldn’t know cos of an excessive number of falsehoods however I used to hear her state am her first love and I used to trust it not until something occurred and she lost my trust so I can’t tell on the off chance that I was her first love or not.

One thing I don’t care for is falsehoods and it’s an all out mood killer for me in a relationship.(People who knows me profoundly, realizes I don’t do relationship however when I need to do relationship, I do it with my entire existence and with all measure of truthfulness.) I disdain being deceived such a great amount in a relationship and that is actually what prompted my separation with this angel. Highdee Heykong Thermeetharyour Esther Bassey can hold up under me observer on this.

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While I opened up my self and came clean with her about my folks and who I am; This darling let me know in those days that her father was a positioning military official situated in Abuja and her mother a senior medical attendant situated in Abuja with the father yet one day karma ran out of her and we met the mother and shockingly the mother was selling perewinkle at etuk road.

I asked more from the mother to know whether she was a received mother or organic mother and the lady separated in tears and began crying, considering how her own girl will reprimand her in light of her helpless condition. On observing the lady’s tears and knowing reality with regards to her falsehoods I was furious and I proceeded to stand up to her and asked her who her folks are, she lied again and I had to take her to etuk road and afterward inquire as to whether she knows this lady.

On observing the mother, she stayed silent and began carrying on unusual. The lady at that point separated in tears and asked her for what reason she needs to deny her and she stayed silent and left and that is actually what prompted me saying a final farewell to her and rejected conversing with her throughout recent years after our separation.

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Regardless of what occurs, independent of their monetary position, we ought not upbraid our folks regardless of how helpless they are. On the off chance that you can criticize your folks that implies you can condemn me one day when the going is intense.

I love keeping my relationship life hidden and profoundly grouped and I wouldn’t wanted to carry this to public; however the remarks am seeing from that post from her companions is the thing that has made me to tell the truth and express my situation on this issue and I am moving her to come out and expose this story if am lying.

For the records, am not yet hitched, neither do I have a kid or youngsters from anyone anyplace.

At the point when all is good and well, the Lord will consummate what concerns me about marriage. Be that as it may, for the present, hustle proceeds!


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Akwa Ibom Man Dumps Girlfriend After Discovering Her Mom Sells ‘Periwinkle’

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