All You Need To Know About Today’s Court Judgement, And The Fate Of Former Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi 



What You Should Know About Today’s Court Judgement, And The Fate Of Former Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi

1. The Abakaliki high court struck out a case brought before it last week by the governorship candidate of the APC in the 2019 elections, Senator Sonni Ogbuoji claiming that he’s the rightful candidate of the APC and should be sworn in as governor. The court awarded a cost of N500,000 against Ogbuoji. It’s a different case which was APC vs APC. PDP had nothing to do with it. Today’s judgement came on the heels of the case filed by the PDP.

Those making reference to the last week’s ruling and saying that the Abuja federal court should not have had a selfsame judgement should take this home and know that there is no how Ogbuoji’s case should have taken the place of the PDP’s.


2. The judgement of today is clear. The judge mandated PDP to nominate and swear in someone of their choice as acting governor with immediate effect. So, PDP should by now started shopping for a gubernatorial material to swear in tomorrow in place of the dictator former governor. Nothing is stopping PDP from doing so tomorrow.


3. Former governor Umahi has a right of appeal, but the court also reserves the right to deny him “stay of execution order”. Without the stay of execution which is likely not coming his way, the dictator is gone for good. If the stay of execution would come, the Umahi we know would have got it by now. So, there’s possibility that he’ll not be granted that.

This is politics. A hunter who sets a trap for on the ground for a squirrel knows it still has the ability to climb trees, so, a trap can be set against it both land and at tree branches.


4. The statement coming from the former governor that he still remains governor is laughable. Once it’s established that he’s not able to secure stay of execution within 24 hours, all his security guards will be withdrawn from him from Abuja. Once that is done, he’s as ordinary as a former governor that he truly is. The court judgement will be carried out to the letter and by the time PDP comes for the Government House, we’ll know what powers he has to claim that he remains governor of Ebonyi State.


5. PDP will nominate who’ll be an acting governor for a period the law suggests. The court ruling never mentioned an automatic person who should assume office as governor. It’s now left for PDP to nominate someone who will be a good candidate for the office and then present him to INEC which will now award him certificate of return.


6. Do not join issues with the social media squirrels of the former administration of David Umahi. If anyone told them earlier that what happened today was going to happen they would have dismissed it with name-calling insinuations. They are shocked and anybody in shock is bound to speak incoherently.


7. Finally, they claimed that the Abuja court had no right to issue the judgement it issued, but the same them went to observe the court session in Abuja with lorries of APC support groups and government appointees with parade band and all of that. Knowing that the Abuja court was sitting in error, why did they come with such a deluge of party members who are now stranded in Abuja?


David Umahi, dictator former governor of Ebonyi State must stand before Ebonyians to account for all the inhuman actions he undertook against humanity in no time and the glory of democracy will resonate once more in Ebonyi State. Power to the people.


____Nwoba Chika Nwoba,

Publicity Secretary of PDP in Ebonyi State.

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