AMCON Debt : Duke denies N569m debt, says it’s not true


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Recently, the internet has been awashed with the news that the former governor of Cross River State, Mr Donald Duke owed AMCON the sum of N569m, which according to Duke, the self acclaimed amount is not true.

Duke’s statement read as follows.

“Recently news of an obligation I owe to AMCON has made the news. Whilst I do not understand the excitement this has generated, bearing in mind that debts far far in excess of this have not received a whisper, clearly someone or some people are having fun at my expense, I think it appropriate now that the issue has been laid to rest to state my side of the matter”.

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“AMCON made a claim of N569m against me which I disputed. I guess to arm twist they went to court and created a media circus. Having done what I consider their worse, I insisted on what I believe is the correct amount N340m. We have since agreed and thus paid”.

“I hope this takes the air out of the balloon. There was nothing to be excited about after all”.

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Donald Duke.


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