An Open Letter To The Pro-Chancellor, University of Calabar


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The Pro-Chancellor
University of Calabar.
Dear Senator Nkechi Nwogwu,


We, The Eye for Effective Leadership and Gender Balance in view of the vacancy advertised in the office of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, being obliged with a great sense of commitment as members of this community largely affected positively by many advantages of the University, and as a part of our corporate social ideals writes to lend our opinion to the making process of the next Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar. We like to crave yours and the fair consideration of the University Senate on whose instance the sole prerogative of deciding who becomes the next Vice Chancellor lies. In a few weeks, it is imminent tables will be matched to complete the selection of the new Vice Chancellor. We hereby strongly recommend Professor Florence Banku Obi for this Office.

In line with our objectives to advance the course of quality leadership by competence, experience and qualification at all cadre, we present to you a spot-on candidate for the job of the next Vice Chancellor of University of Calabar who possess the fastidiousness, requisite experience and capacity to drive 21st century innovations and the archetype paradigms in academics that the University of Calabar needs to stand out. Professor Florence Obi retains the cognate administrative and academic experiences that will advance robust positive changes in the multidimensional system operational in the University of Calabar.

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With a towering 30 years career experience lecturing in Unical, Professor Florence Obi has met the career-time criterion in the University to be entrusted with the opportunity to serve as the Vice Chancellor. With thirteen years professorial ingenuity, she is one of the few candidates with this intimidating credential in-the-run for the this vacancy which has pepped her with an edge over many seeking the office. Thirty years of meritorious contributions to academic excellence is a career lifetime of humbling reputation. Thirteen years of niche-carving and intellectual investment in the University as a world-class professor makes professor Obi an ideal next Vice Chancellor for the University of Calabar.

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Dear Madam, the Senate of the University of Calabar needs to pay attention to gender sensitivity – a now global policy widely creating a balance for the inclusion of women in all climes of leadership, which is recording tremendous success even in the academic sector as many Universities around the world has been, and are being headed by women of sagacious qualities like Professor Florence Obi. We are quite sure the trajectory of ten men that has preoccupied the office of the Vice Chancellor of Unical since its inception without a single woman represents a gender disparaging trend, a lopsided record and a hostile precedence against women and their world of values. The President Buhari Administration will be proud of you and the Senate if a woman is given the chance to become the First Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar as this will consolidate the President’s policy of gender balance. In the 45th year of this University’s existence, equity and fairness will heave a relief when a woman has been given the chance to grace the office of the Vice Chancellor and this is to vehemently recommend Professor Florence Obi the AMAZON, who is squaring up with her male contemporaries and keeps a distance ahead of many male folks in the piloting of public and official trust.

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If Becoming the university Vice Chancellor was based on merit, Professor Florence B. Obi is in the ivory league of the very best candidates the University of Calabar can pride at the moment. She is a seasoned administrator with parallel experience in educational and public service administration. As one-time Commissioner for Women Affairs and back-to-back Dean of Faculty of Education in the University, her profile and legacies are bearing persuasive credence to her level-headedness for the job.

In Academics, she is a pace setter. She has championed academic development with a full Department being credited to her in the faculty of Education. By professorial hierarchy and experience, she is one of the oldest generic University of Calabar professors standing in the better glimpse of replacing the current Vice Chancellor. In fact, Professor Florence Obi is quite ahead of other contenders with merit advantages that should seamlessly sort her out as the best choice to replace the incumbent. Experience wise, Vice Chancellorship has become a second-tie experience to Professor Florence Obi who has been there as DVC – Academics recently.

Professor Florence Obi’s tenure as Deputy Vice Chancellor–Academics ended almost at the first quarter of the current Vice Chancellor’s tenure and this naturally fits her perfectly in the job for smooth consolidation on the strides of the current Vice Chancellor. The University of Calabar will be in its best shape when Professor Florence Obi who has labored in building the walls of excellence in this institution takes the rein of Vice Chancellor of the University.

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It is said that, “politics is a basic element of human nature”. The exercise to employ next Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar will not be without frantic elements of politics. There will be infractions and infringement of dialectical conventions in the process that will attempt to break rules for certain interests to take the day. There is an intravenous cultural practice in the University system that has designed the cons and pros for emergence into the office of Vice Chancellor as we learnt.

Professor Florence Obi being a high value asset to this University deserves to be considered in the light of those cultural patterns the top position in the University is built on. She is an integral part of the foundation of this citadel of learning. If the University of Calabar will brace up with its founding purpose of becoming a citadel of academic excellence then, it needs Professor Florence Obi to lead the transformation like Professor Eka Ikpi Braide did for Cross River University of Technology in the 2000s. Given the opportunity to become the Vice Chancellor, she will surely plow new heights and reinvent the place of University of Calabar in Nigeria and African Universities.

Zebis Prince


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