APC Rally: Ayade’s Aides Fight Dirty In Calabar Over N5million


I, Elder Comrade Iso Bassey Edim, the Chairman of COALITION OF APC SUPPORT GROUPS IN NIGERIA, Cross River State Chapter wish to clear the air on the Solidarity Rally of yesterday the 27th of May 2021.

The Event was Chaired by Prince Michael Nku Abuo who is yet to register as an APC Member and the Solidarity Rally was to encourage his Colleagues (Appointees) and more Members of PDP and to join the All Progressives Congress APC. In giving Credence and Credibility to that, he partnered with the Coalition of APC Support Groups in Nigeria Cross River State Chapter.

As the Chairman of the Coalition, I Consulted with the Leadership and Representatives of various Support Groups and we unanimously accepted to Partner with him for the Growth of the Party. Michael Abuo was the Chairman of the Central Planning Committee while I serve as the Co-Chairman and Rev Hon Chris Obasse was made the Secretary of Central Planning Committee. We had several Meetings and the D-Day Came where we had good number of APC Support Groups/Members and the People he brought.

To my amazement, Michael Abuo started counting People and short Changed several Groups in the Coalition. I told him that he cannot count almost 5000, rather he should work with the lists given to him and on that note, he blatantly rejected my opinion and I kept quiet.

We had a Great day and His Excellency came to address us after speeches from some of us. After his address, His Excellency kindly added that #5m would be released for our entertainment, immediately after the Pronouncement, Michael Abuo disappeared from the Place.
I was not even Interested in going in with him because I have my Personal Modus Operandi.

I quickly Constituted an eleven (11) Man Committee headed by Honorable Rev. Chris Obasse who is a Head of one of the Support Groups (Progressive Ambassadors) and the Secretary of the Coalition was Hon Edo Owan was made the Vice Chairman alongside 9 Others. Their Mandate was to negotiate the sum of Money meant for Coalition of APC Support Groups and make sure they shared to Members who turned up for the Event. I left Governor’s Office in the Presence of so many People who are my Witnesses to my ongoing Church Program.

I received so many Calls from People and I referred them to them to the Committee and even gave them the Committee Chairman’s phone number for them to call him. After my Church Service I called Rev Honorable Chris Obasse to find out the Situation of things and he told me the kind of treatment meted on him at the Office and I was later told that Michael Abuo released #75 000 to my Group of more than 370 People who came directly behind me which Michael Abuo Claimed that he only counted about 80 which brought Argument from the onset because of his refusal to count all my people on my List.

It must be on record that I have informed Raphael Antigha of my intention to arrest him if he doesn’t return the Money (#75) back to Michael Abuo to add and eat, I have also told Michael Abuo to collect back his #75 000 and eat alongside the rest of the Money.
I have called Michael Abuo severally and he refused to pick, he only picked my call yesterday night around 10:30pm and I have told him to collect back his Money (#75 000)…

Let it be on record that I as the Co-Chairman of the Central Planning Committee and the Coalition of APC Support Groups in Nigeria Cross River State, I have not set my eyes on Michael Abuo till now that I am typing this Message, talkless of getting #10 from him.

I am writing this disclaimer for the benefit of those who have not worked closely with me. Those who have been with me would affirmed to the fact that I hardly touch money that come to the Organization, rather I Mandate the Financial Department to do the sharing of the Money. I was soso Shock to see Michael Abuo being the one attempting to count almost 5000 People and the same Person doing sharing of Money.

In Leadership that I was thought, you must not do or handle everything. You must be able to designate people to handle some things so as to gain your Respect as a Leader.
I don’t have Money and i am not a Poor Man at the same time. I left the responsibility to other people and expect a Good Report from them, but Michael Abuo caused Rev Honorable Chris Obasse, a former Local Government Chairman to be assaulted.

I was only interested in getting Money for the People I Mobilized and that was why I set up the Committee and mandated them to share the money to those who were available and I was not interested in the Cash.

The reason for this Post is because some people are saying that I abscond with Michael Abuo, hence the Need to Clear the Air. I am still that Comrade Iso Bassey Edim that people knew and not even Money can Change me. I am not a desperate Man, I work so hard and I know that I would have Money at God’s Appointed time.

NOTE: The Youth Wing of COALITION OF APC SUPPORT GROUPS IN NIGERIA CRS CHAPTER, would handle the Matter on behalf of the Organization and they are Currently Looking for Michael Abuo who is still on the run. They are to handle it and report back to the Organization.

In APC we don’t behave like that, and the Message by the Youth Wing would be Loud and Communicated to the House.
You can’t bring people out of their Houses and and left them to go back home without a dime, especially when the Governor made an open pronouncement to the Crowd.
We won’t take it.

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