Appeal Court Ruling: Jarigbe Agom Finally Breaks Silence, Reveals What Late Police Commissioner Told Him


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Appeal Court Ruling: Jarigbe Agom Finally Breaks Silence, Reveals What Late Police Commissioner Told Him


Rt Hon Jarigbe Agom, the newest senator wrote!!

A Happy Sunday to All Cross RIVERIANS.

I want to thank God for making his Word come to pass. I relied on His Word in LAMENTATIONS 3:36 & 37, all through this political tussle. Humans arrogated the Power of God to themselves, because of transient political positions. They mobilized the late Commissioner of Police, to come personally to Ogoja, with his Men, to maim, shoot and kill Party men from Cross River North. Some are permanently disabled today, while some were killed.

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It’s unfortunate that the Commissioner of Police passed away, mysteriously after that unethical action. Before he passed on, he had a discussion with me, on the day of the General Election, in his room, at All Stars Hotel, Abakpa, Ogoja.He said to me and I quote-” You are a young man and I have seen the Truth. I was told that you are a Cultist and that you are very violent but I have come to Ogoja to see that, you are a fine gentleman, interested in the betterment of your people. You have been robbed of your Mandate but you will get it back in Court. Do not make trouble. Just pursue the matter in Court”. I took his advice and today, it has come to pass. May his Soul RIP and may God forgive him and all those who spill the blood of our innocent brothers from Cross River North.

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My joy today, is not the paraphernalia of Office but that I took the fight to a logical conclusion and by the grace of God, the unmoved–mover, we made it. When the grace of God departs from a man, it becomes like the story of David and Goliath.

I listened to Stephen Odey, get vociferous on TV, a couple of days back after the Court’s verdict, when he threatened that I was not going to occupy the Senate Seat. I want to advise him to repent of his voodoo politics, so he doesn’t get consumed by the wrath of God. You do not try to kill a child of God. I did not go to shrines to kill you or assassinate you, when your Boss brutally took our Mandate and gave to you. We should always remember, Retributive Justice.

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May God guide and guard us.


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