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As Trump and Joe Biden are making headways, if Trump eventually wins, what do you think will happen to the world

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As different US election results keep coming in, we all have in minds that what will be will be as we ambush patiently for final result. Most of us don’t even follow updates on result for each state but we only want the whole numbers calculated altogether. What we want to know is the winner and the loser, no long talk.

Total numbers of votes in North Carolina for each presidential candidate.

We have seen Donald Trump leading in North Carolina with 50.1%


Joe Biden, as well, is doing well as he also takes over some states like Michigan

Joe Biden tops Trump’s votes with 1.1% in Michigan.

Obviously the race is getting tougher but no matter what happens, it is only one candidate that will be declared winner.

But what if it happens that Trump wins, what do you think will happen to the world?

Let’s hear your thought. Drop your comment in the box👇👇


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  1. Though, majority are of the view that, if Joe Biden eventually wins. He may sign in the same-sex marriage.