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Tai Emeka Obasi ..

Yesterday I was in a class of trainees for a week’s intensive business management programme. The programme coordinator gave us clean sheets of paper to write our names the way we would want them to appear on the certificates we would be presented at the end of the programme.

So when I wrote Tai Emeka Obasi, she asked me if I wouldn’t want to write Tai in full. I responded that it didn’t matter once Obasi was there. The whole class of about 30 trainees burst out into wild laughter.

But it didn’t stop there. After a while, the coordinator observed me closely and asked, “Mr. Obasi, are you with us? You look far away!”

And I responded, “I have to madam. I just paid my children’s school fees this morning.” Another laughter. But I continued, “I was just wondering if I did the right thing.”

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Now everyone was curious. The coordinator added, “stop wondering. You did perfectly and should be a happy father instead.”

“You don’t understand,” I added. “They’re both in primary school but they already can read and write. Why bother to continue paying school fees for certificates that wouldn’t really matter?”

Yes, those were funny moments but that is the scary tomorrow Justice Muhammadu Garba-led Presidential Election Petition Tribunal panel have introduced to our polity, as if we didn’t have enough questionable practices as a nation.

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Two days ago at the Abuja Appeal Court, the five judges, including Justices Abdul Aboki, Peter Ige, Joseph Ikyegh and Samuel Oseji – entrusted with listening to and adjudicating on this mother of all election petitions, dumbfounded the watching world with what they spewed as judgement in a case that generated such global attention. Luckily, the civilian junta in Aso Rock permitted live broadcast of the proceedings to the global audience, thereby reducing the workload of some of us, who would have taken days to bring what ended up as a massive load of rubbish to our dedicated readers.

And as expected, their agents have gone to town, mocking, taunting in every provocative manner to cow the opposition into coming down to their debasing level – fighting. For instance, a member of the Anambra State Exco of the APC came up with, “Breaking News – PEPT Orders INEC To Issue Atiku With Certificate Of Failure.” And other members of the Exco went haywire with rejoinders as comments, clearly drawing the opposition to a free-for-all.

But believe me, this is no time to fight. It’s rather time to reason. If the judgement, particularly as it concerns President Mohamed Buhari’s certificates are allowed to stand then Nigeria would have deteriorated beyond apprehension.

Xenophobia is terrible but coming at this very critical moment in our history, it is a huge warning to our nation and there is every need to learn the huge lesson therein. Nigerians will continue to migrate to foreign countries of the world and would continue to be treated according to the leadership they have back home.

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If that judgement on 9/11 is allowed to stand then Nigerians in diaspora and those wishing to join the diaspora train may henceforth have issues with certificates and all other documentations. since our courts have legalised perjury. Our courts have made a mockery of certificates for those who have them.

We’re all Nigerians and no APC or PDP member is free of any stigma of such national proportion.

I am an Igbo man and very proud about it. Decades back our fathers were prevented from secceeding as Biafra. Since we’re forced to stay as Nigerians, the country belongs to all of us. Whether you’re IPOB in the renewed struggle or wanting Oduduwa or Niger Delta Republic… the fact remains that this election in dispute was held on February 23, 2019. We were one entity then and still remain as one Nigeria. We must fight and continue to fight against the injustice as delivered in name of justice.

We dumped military rule 20 years ago and we must ask for our democratic rights. I repeat, don’t walk into their hands by demonstrating on the streets. They’re waiting with stray bullets!

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Use your phones… write against the injustice, comment against it in a constructive manner, share articles condemning it. For those of us who are gifted with speeches, speak against it on radio and television programmes. Don’t be left out. The world must be made to know we’re on the verge of a democratic coup! Do it for your future and the future of your children. We have about two months to get our country back. It’s enough, more than enough, time.

They know that you will be tired and must have been worn out. They believe you will end up accepting the rape of democracy and then go on with your normal business.

There will be no normal business anywhere in Nigeria if Buhari succeeds with this coup.

I’m not a lawyer and hence always
very careful of misinforming in this very professional circumstances. I have therefore approached a good friend of mine – a very good lawyer, who assembled a crack team of lawyers to analyse the judgement very critically. From Monday, I will start bringing to you the implications on our future as a nation regarding the judgements as very objectively dissected by this team of patriots.

Believe me one more time when I say that it is not over until it’s truly over.

Keep following as…

# HistoryTrulyBeckons .


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