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Ayade Has Not Produced Even One National Assembly Member Throughout His Governorship — Ikem

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Ayade Has Not Produced Even One National Assembly Member Throughout His Governorship — Ikem



Vena Ikem, said Governor Ben Ayade should be man enough to take a side and fight for once.

Read full statement below:


Clear and Present Dangers: Let us shape our tomorrow, today.

Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday, and the yesterday we will be talking about tomorrow…

Clearly someone actually thinks he is smart enough to control both the PDP structures and APC, the two main political parties in our state. It’s not about to happen. I also consider that Cowardice!

Be man enough to take a side and fight for once! This man has the record of having not produced even one National Assembly member throughout his governorship. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I have checked it all as correct. That’s how castrated he has been in power! And in the twilight of his departure, he dreams of controlling the state’s politics after office. Tragic. That’s what has unfolded as the end product of such a vaulting ambition. No wonder he parades his appointed Chairmen of Councils, which he reluctantly caused to happen by sheer political pressure of critics. I wonder what he would be parading today if we did not pressure him into creating this contracption. Maybe Civil servants he was using as administrators! He has failed to see how decrepit that foundation is to political relevance. What a shame. We are victims of our own greed and foibles. Ayade decamps To APC — ⏭️⏩ Click Here To Open

The lies they weave and tell have become a national embarrassment. The person a national joke. A man who whenever he opens his mouth People expect nothing but lies is certainly a political abberation. The tragedy though is that like an ostrich that hides it’s head in the sand and thinks nobody is seeing it’s whole body, because it cannot see others, thinks only to himself and keeps repeating to himself that he is smart. Sounds like trying to convince himself too!

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There is a difference between notoriety and popularity. Between intelligence and ” smartness”! In the Nigerian contest “smartness” certainly doesn’t evoke what we all admire. Like smart rich Yahoo boys. Like Hushpuppi! Certainly not what is enduring but a flirting show of vanity in the sand for ignominious future reference. A little wind will all but blow it away!
Like a candle in the wind.

Unfortunately, our Governor is looking pathetic now. Please who can save Ayade from himself and certain destruction and salvage what little he leaves undestroyed for the future?

Maybe it shouldn’t concern me. I wouldn’t care less, if he wasn’t bearing the appellation of my Governor! That carries with it a shared embarrassment for each citizen of the state. Today everywhere Cross River State is mentioned, the joke is about our Governor! How sad!

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As a people, I have no doubt that we remain resilient. I don’t expect everyone to be active in the struggle for a better state of affairs. I respect the Faith of those who sit back and believe that tomorrow will be better just because it will come, and it must. I respect more those who believe that we have to take steps to shape how tomorrow comes . Those I pity are those who hope that that tomorrow will remain like today! In the end we are all involved…

The accident of yesterday’s story is the today’s story we are grappling with and looking for where to anchor tomorrow’s hope. That tomorrow we refused to work to shape. We clapped because they told us lies and we believed. It is our responsibility to not believe when we hear stories from those who promised us paradise yesterday, but scorched our today with anguish and hopelessness. We cannot let lies shape our tomorrow lest our doom becomes certain. And we become forever a conquered generation without hope even for our tomorrow.

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That’s their hope. And ours is the struggle to shape that tomorrow, learning as we have from yesterday’s mistakes.

All is not lost, but we cannot even begin to count the cost of our loss of today. But tomorrow will surely come as surely as the sun rises and sets every day.

What is the shape of the tomorrow you want to see?

The time to plant the seed is now!

Let’s rebuild our Politics so we can reshape our tomorrow.

Vena. Ikem.

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