[PHOTOS] Ayade Says Calas Vegas Will Be Most Digital And Most Beautiful City On Planet Earth, But Five Years After, There Is Only One Hurt There


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Ayade Says Calas Vegas Will Be Most Digital And Most Beautiful City On Planet Earth, But Five Years After, There Is Only One Hurt There


October 26, 2016.
Ayade at the Calas Vegas Island, said:

“Indeed, the whole of Nigeria and indeed Africa, be prepared *as we enter into next year* (2017), to receive a brand new city which is the most fantastic, cleanest, most sophisticated, most digital, beautiful city on planet earth. You overlook the horizon and scape of the wonderful setting and rising of the sun, it allows you the beauty to see the whales when they come out early in the morning and see them in their family movement”.

But five years after that promise was made, there is only one hurt standing on the 3km by 3km twin island that the governor touted as a heritage of legendary Scottish missionary, Mary Slessor. Bidding for the construction of Calas Vegas and five other economic and tourism projects was just done in Calabar, this week, after repeatedly lying to Cross Riverians for five years that several foreign investors were already falling over themselves to develop Calas Vegas.

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Speaking during the bid opening ceremony in Calabar during the week, the Director General of BPPP, Mr Udiba Effiong Udiba, said Ayade has directed that the various projects, which also include, Amunga Resort, Busafong Golf Resort, the State Safari Resort Project, as well as the Cross River State Laison Office in Abuja, should commence in partnership with private investors. A total of 8 bids were received from companies including J-Marine Logistics, Blengoh Limited, Mace Limited, amongst others.

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The missing link here is that, I can hardly find in our archives, any credible private investor Governor Ayade has successfully brought into our State since he came in as governor. He has rather driven several away and has been claiming to build all the industries himself.

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With only 700 days to handing over to another governor. Actually, 1 year, 11 months, 4 days, 8 hours, 9 minutes and 41 seconds, or less now, remaining; just put a camera or microphone in front of Governor Ayade and he will still promise to build a bridge over Bermuda triangle and give you reasons why it is possible via Ayade magic and his intellectual money, even when none of the ones he has been talking about since inception are successfully running.

I will continue to say that my governor talks before thinking. He talks out of excitement and emotions without planning and you take him serious only at your own peril. But we must continue to remind him and hold him accountable to his promises. For me and my colleagues, the 1999 Constitution in Chapter 22, empower us to hold the government accountable to the people. We don’t need to be in opposition to do that. We are not doing opposition; infact we want the opposition to fill their role. We are simply doing our work as assigned to the PRESS in chapter 22 of our Constitution.

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Let Governor Ayade stop talking and get the chimneys billowing.

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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