Ayade’s Aide blows hot, faults Agba Jalingo over unverified figures, calls him ‘Cheap Hire’


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The war of Words between the Special Assistant (SA) to governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State on New Media, Mr Emmanuel Ulayi and the founder of CrossRiverWatch, Mr Agba Jalingo has taken a different dimension as Ulayi today cleared the air over false and unverified figures which few days ago Jalingo alledged that governor Ben Ayade had crippled the state’s account following excessive loans from Federal Ministry of Finance.

Ulayi in his counter motive, stated that all Agba Jalingo’s write up as against the Ayade’s led-administration are sponsored to create nuisance and to painstake Ben Ayade’s government.

Lamenting, SA on new media said, because he (Agba Jalingo) begged for financial assistance from the governor in his usual way and the governor this time turned down his appeal and he felt the only way to attract the governor’s audience is to aggressively embarked on fake and concocted stories aimed and blackmailing and distracting governor Ben Ayade.

Mockingly, Ulayi said they are all aware that Jalingo is financially handicap and needed some funding but this time, he won’t get it no matter the the height of his criticisms.

Read the statement below..

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Members of the General Public, the task was simple. Mr Jalingo show verifiable evidence of the following;

1. A commercial bank with a running loan facility utilized by the Ayade administration. What we expected was e.g:
XYZ Bank
Loan date: 1/2/2016
Prinicpal Loan taken: 1 Billion
Tenor: 3 years

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What we received was an epistle and the rant of a character assassin paid to do a job. Mr Jalingo writes of not understanding what a commercial loan means, kindly stop sounding like an illiterate and do what journalist do, research or at the very least utilize google.
He brings up documents requesting to borrow as evidence, Mr Jalingo, does an application to borrow mean the same as actually borrowing.
The fact remains that this administration has not borrowed & utilized a commercial loan. If you counter show the evidence as kindly requested.

2. Investigate and confirm/counter with a simple yes or no the fact that the Ayade administration has paid down over N85 Billion in debt repayment of inherited loans. Please show your evidence if to the contrary.

What we received was a statement that he can’t report on what he doesn’t know. However, Mr Jalingo goes out of his way to report on what he doesn’t know when he quotes any fake news as his source and never bothers to verify/confirm if such news is true. This is simply because it serves the purpose of what he has been paid to do, incite the general public against the administration. For a man claiming to serve the issue of transparency, we would have thought this biggest claim of the administration would have motivated you to do what actual journalist do, immediately research and report on the subject from a position of neutrality. However you have gone silent because verifying this claim does not serve the personal narrative of you and your paymasters.

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3. On the external debt of $53M. What we expected was a detailed breakdown of the $53M purported loans, the lender, the dates of borrowing, the purpose etc.

What we have received is a back tracking story by Mr Jalingo rather stating that they are multi lateral facilities undertaken & administered by the Federal Government of Nigeria on behalf of the states of the Federation.
Story Mr Jalingo, please show us the breakdown of this external loan of $53M taken and administered by CRS or forever lose your integrity and remain a hired clown.

4. This was the most simple task, state a LG in this Federation that received last month’s direct Federal allocation lodgment into its account as you have been reporting for weeks.

Mr Jalingo didn’t care to address this question because it is an absolute lie. Just name one LG in CRS or Nigeria that received direct lodgments. You have written for several weeks on this subject attempting to incite the public against the administration.
Enough is Enough Mr Jalingo! Name one LG or stop writing because we won’t trust you anymore.

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5. Mr Jalingo stated that CRS received Paris Club payments in May 2019. We asked for evidence of said Paris club payment.

Mr Jalingo rather responded changing the date to March 2019 and attaching the link of a national daily as his evidence.

Mr Jalingo, the freedom of information act is in effect, you claim to be a journalist why don’t you go down to the federal ministry of finance to verify and show evidence of this your claim?
I put it once again on record that CRS did not receive any Paris club payments in 2019 and if this statement is proven false, I will resign my appointment with this Administration and I will never write again.

Mr Jalingo I dare you to summon up the courage and make a corresponding commitment.
I dare you to stand by what you have written & fed the general public.
To publicly state that if your position that CRS received Paris club payment in 2019 is false, you will stop to write.

The next time you write I expect you to lead with this commitment because until you clear the air that you were paid to destroy the image of this administration, nobody will believe anything you write.
Mr Agba Aborbor alias Jalingo, the Mercenary for cheap hire.

– Emmanuel Ulayi


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