“Baby You Did This To Me” – Newly Married Man Cries Bitterly After He Caught His Wife in Hotel Room With His Friend [VIDEO]


Man who just married wife few weeks ago bumps into lover cheating with his friend, video gets people emotional

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He stated that he at one point had to warn his friend Dennis to stay away from his wife after noticing their growing closeness

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He, however, had no idea the situation persisted until the moment he caught them pants-down in a hotel room.

In a viral video, the distraught husband who confronted his wife and her lover, who doubles as his friend, while venting his pain, repeatedly asked his wife why she didn’t stay true to their marital vows to be faithful.

The man who was heard speaking emotionally in a viral video how his friend Dennis betrayed him, said;  “I have called Dennis on several times and told him I don’t like this your close relationship with my wife. He caught Dennis having s£x with his wife, the wife on hearing the husband’s voice she ran to the bathroom but was later spotted 


Watch video below…

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