Bakor: A Call For Peace and Government Intervention


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Bakor: A Call For Peace and Government Intervention

History has it that, at exactly 54years and 5months ago, a people came together under the bonds of brotherhood to lay down armed and tow the parts of peace and this was sealed by an oath; an oath to live, cherish and protect one another against a common enemy, they are called *BAKOR.*

The aim of this brotherhood was achieved and as a memorial, the people would always come together every 15th day of September to celebrate and offer sacrifices to the gods of the land and refresh their minds on the treaty which sealed their fate and kept them as one people. It was the dream of the founding fathers of Bakor to forged her into an unconquerable and undivided entity. Men and women alike gave everything to see this course realized.

Bakor is a tribe that cuts across Northern and Central Senatorial Zones of Cross River State. The tribe consist of Nine prominent clans inclusive of Abanyom, Ekajuk, Nde, Nta, Nsele, Nkim, Nkum, Nnam and ofutop. Bakor is interpreted as ‘come and take’; This phrase indicates the generosity ane willingness to share with one another, their possession and security. Bakor man have contributed politically to the growth and development of Cross River state and beyond.

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Over the years, we have seen quick responses of warriors from Bakor to defend any of their own who faces attack from surrounding tribes. In many cases, they have left their suffering from deadly blows, even at the slighted provocation of one of theirs. Tribes quiver each time the name of Bakor is mentioned, many will even evacuate their villages if they hear a rumour or sounds of Bakor warrior approaching, even if it was for peace negotiations. No tribe would dare to start a quarrel with any of the clans in Bakor. Question is, why have we turned to mock ourselves with the very strength which the enemy fears? Why have we broken the bonds of brotherhood and spilt the blood of our own children? What are we suggesting to those who would not attempt an attack on us because they feared that Bakor is too united to be invaded? Who will benefit if Bakor falls and what would they benefit? These questions must guide our conscience through every decision we make.

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The world is changing fast; Religion, Politics and Technology are without doubt become an integral part of our existence; people no long have regard for culture and tradition because their minds seem to slowly deviate from the will of our ancestors. Question again; are religion, politics and technology a curse or a blessing? Which of these will stand if they are no people to believe or follow them?

This is why we must, as a matter of urgency lend our voices and appeal to our leaders and ‘Influencers’ to please refer back to the very bonds and tenants of our existence. A Bakor man allowed to fight against his brother. because his brother cannot be his enemy. Yes, there may occur within us disagreement but it must never lead to a fight. It is time we eschew self and not be carried away by the activities of modern-day civilization. Let us seek peace and negotiation at every level of dispute. We must remember that ‘in a state of war, no one is a winner- all are losers’.

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We therefore appeal to well-meaning sons and daughters of Bakor, the state government and Federal government to come to the aid of those who have lost their homes as a result of the ABANKANG and NLUL II communal clash. Every little help and support to victims and families of this unfortunate incident will go a long way to advancing the peace that we all wish to return to the land. We must live the *BAKOR OF OUR DREAM.*


Forwarded by:
Peace Advocacy Team (PAT)


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