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New Sex Hygiene: Best Ways To Clean Up After Sex

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Be sure to keep a glass of water by bed, drink it before, during or after intercourse, this can help with going to the bathroom after sex.

For anal sex – this can cause microscopic tears to your sphincter and if the bacteria from your anus including fecal matter get into those tears, it can cause an infection. Once you have had anal sex, be sure to shower afterward in order to rinse your genital area of any lingering bacteria.

• Uncircumcised men with foreskin should remember to pull the skin back so that they can clean the entire head of the penis as it is very easy for semen to dry under the skin or for bacteria to get trapped under there.

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• Ladies can gently pull back the vaginal folds and lift the clitoral hood towards their belly button to clean by using warm water and a mild soap, or water-based cleansing wipes. It is best not to allow soap to get into the vaginal area.

For those that are into sex toys, always clean them after use; not only will this remove any bacteria and make sure they are ready for your next go round, it will also make sure they stay in tip-top shape. Sex toys can be boiled or put in the dish washer to be cleaned. Products that are labeled 100 percent water proof can be washed with liquid antibacterial soap and warm water. Be sure not to submerge them.

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Don’t rush out of bed most especially as those moments after sex are a great time to connect with one’s spouse, and enjoy the rush of feel-good endorphins pulsing through your body. Try not to get too caught up in cleaning everything up, and taking yourself out of the moment in the process.

• Extra care should be taken by a pregnant partner bed. Although sex is usually safe during pregnancy, there is the tendency she might get infections like UTIs during this period, so it’s even more important to take care of the basics after copulating such as drinking water, urinating afterward and washing around your vagina.

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• Try washing your hands with soap and water which is the best way to get rid of bacteria you might have pickwe from touching your spouse’s genitals. It’s key to stopping infections from spreading.

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