Big Brother Naija: The Housemates Of Sexual Mentality


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By: _Busy Brain_

Since the beginning of the Multi-Choice drama called Big Brother Naija on their digital satellite channel, I have never for once watched any of the editions but I have been reading and following comments about the despicable level of immoralities that have always been staged as reality television show. As a matter of fact, what I have gone through on the media have given me a tip of what Big Brother Naija is all about. At times, the way it is being portrayed by the opinion writers, I do think naively whether the show is as bad as porn movies but if it is as bad as that, has the level of moral depravity in Nigeria worsen to the length of watching such at home with friends and family or has Nigeria government become so unreasonable and careless to have allowed such lewd and salacious show to trend without ban? All these rhetorical questions crossing my mind simply because I have never set my eyes on a single scene except the familiarity with the names of the housemates who might have won different kinds of advert concerts and ambassadorial contracts on the media.

Despite the numbers of negative comments against Big Brother, it ceases not to be the most interesting gist of the day with the way and manner people always engage themselves with serious arguments on the eviction. The arguments among Nigerians about the show have mesmerized my attention and added to my keen interest to be part of the viewers.

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Last year Double Wahala edition was more hotter than fire on various media platforms. The gist about sex scenes that happened between the housemates made it more luring to read even without watching. Although, I’m not satisfied with mere reading. At least, I want to watch in order to clear the doubt of thinking how bad it is.

Prior to my eagerness, I had once asked a female friend a question on how the housemates normally interacts on camera and why is everyone making a negative comments on the show. She mockingly laughed and said: “Busy Brain, o jaa rara” meaning that ” I’m not in vogue at all because I have never watched Big Brother Naija before. I felt embarrassed but jokingly laughed it off. She had noticed my disapproval against her jibes and said, Big Brother Naija is just a romantic adventure and only meant for adults but people always make negative comments because the show is somehow bad and it can corrupt the minors. At this point, I stamped her remark on the show having admitted that it is somehow bad and capable of corrupting teens. I think what is bad doesn’t possess a substitute qualification than bad.

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Throughout last year edition, I was not opportune to watch how Big were the Brothers except the same normal process of following on the media and reading comments online. According to the media reports, the winner of last year edition got 25million naira with other laudable benefits. I wonder why the acclaimed immoral show that can corrupt minors and promote sexual mentality fetch such millions of Naira while best graduating students in tertiary institutions are getting laptops and watery prices as rewards for academic excellence. Well, I reserve my comment till I join the league of viewers in vogue.

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Interestingly, I started following this year Pepper them edition on the media right from the audition level. I can’t believe the thousands that jostled seriously to take part in the show. Why would Big Brother Naija still have audience in thousands for just audition with that level of negative comments condemning the show ? Could this be the result of unemployment battling the country? Oh, 60million naira price worth jostling for and that could be a solid reason for the mammoth crowd during audition.

To cut the long story, Iast week Saturday, I had my first view of Big Brother Naija and it was during the party organised for the housemates. Chaiii…one dares not to watch that during fasting because it’s real pepper them. ‘Mecy’s bum bum is yam pepper scatter scatter’. I saw a sore, the sore I saw was an eyesore. Joke apart, Big Brother Naija is purely an immoral show, highly erotic and capable of corrupting the majors as well. As holy as I am, I almost lose my holiness to different sex styles displayed by Tuoyo and Mercy while dancing. It was more or less like watching porn. Now I see the reason why MURIC calls on Federal Government to ban the show; what a pity, I’m sure those that would move the banning motion would also be enjoying it more than Super Eagles match. No one is holy.

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That reminds me of Falz. This is Nigeria where sex sells more than any other things; that is why we will continue to have artist like Naira Marley trending with soapy dance even when it encourages masturbation. This is Nigeria where we don’t usually vote for sanity; that is why we will continue to have a slapping senator in a sex toy supermarket and still be boastful of his stupidity. This is Nigeria where we don’t value academic excellence; that is why we will continue to have Universities and Polytechnics awarding watery prices to the best graduating students. This is Nigeria where we hype and honour immoralities; that is why a show like Big Brother Naija would continue to get audience in millions to pepper them.

Alas! A minute silence for the morality and sanity that have gone to exile in Nigeria, may we find them back in peace and not in pieces. ( Amen)

*Busy Brain*
is an opinion writer, he graduated from the fastest growing Polytechnic in Nigeria…the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State.



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