Bola Tinubu In Fresh Mess After Wikipedia Blocked His Profile For Editing Age 84 Times


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Bola Tinubu In Fresh Mess After Wikipedia Blocked His Profile For Editing Age 84 Times


Wikipedia editors have blocked the profile page of Bola Tinubu, a representative of the All Progressives Congress (APC), for “persistent vandalism,” according to information reaching

Tinubu’s birthday was March 29, 2021, and he held a colloquium to commemorate the day, as is his custom. Tinubu turned 69, according to his public records.


Many Nigerians believe he is older than he says, and there have been several media reports that the Jagaban of Borgu is much older than he claims. According to an online article attributed to Yinka Odumakin, the spokesperson for the Yoruba party Afenifere, Tinubu cannot be as young as he says.

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Odumakin detailed his knowledge of Tinubu in a three-part series titled “portrait of the tiger Ambode rode” in 2018. The Vanguard published the first three sections, but a fourth section of dubious origin was posted through other blogs, claiming to be from Odumakin.

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Following concerns about Tinubu’s age, a number of accounts used Wikipedia to alter his age from 69 to 79. There had been at least 18 edits to the tweet below when it was sent.

As more tweets about Tinubu’s age went viral, several attempts were made to correct the “bug” on Wikipedia, resulting in several contradictory edits.

TheCable tracked the page’s activity and discovered that on Tinubu’s birthday, there were around 84 edits, the majority of which were to change or correct his age.


Tinubu’s website now has a padlock symbol on it, indicating that it can no longer be edited by the general public.

The edit button on a standard Wikipedia article.

Following the many attempts to alter Tinubu’s age on Wikipedia, some of the web platform’s top editors stepped in to lock the website and prevent the public from editing it.

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According to the page history, Girth Summit, a Scottish Wikipedia editor who has worked on articles from more than 20 nations, increased the security level on Tinubu’s page. Summit cites “persistent vandalism” as the justification for removing edits from the website.


Many accounts have been vandalized on Wikipedia over the years, prompting the site to create a dedicated page on what vandalism on Wikipedia means and how it can be managed.

Wikipedia vandalism is described as “editing (or other behavior) intended to hinder or defeat the project’s intent.”


Tinubu’s official age is 69 years old. No one has been able to prove the contrary conclusively. Both theories are within the realm of possibility.

However, for the purposes of this case, we looked on Wikipedia to see who had changed Tinubu’s age from 69 to 79 or 79 to 69.

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The first edit’s IP address was traced to a place on Lagos Island, according to TheCable. Using the Airtel network, the edit was completed. Since the person in question did not hide his or her IP address, more details about him or her can be found.

The following edits were completed in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and a few other countries across the globe.

Tinubu Has Been Blocked From Editing Wikipedia 84 Times: Do you agree with this?

Tinubu Has Been Blocked From Editing Wikipedia 84 Times: Is Tinubu correct in his actions?

Tinubu Has Been Blocked From Editing Wikipedia For 84 Times: What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think about Wikipedia blocking Tinubu for editing for the 84th time?

Tinubu has been blocked from editing Wikipedia for the 84th time.


  1. Yes I fully agreed with Wikipedia bcus with is looks alone shows his more than 69th he claimed to be even my mother dat I celebrated her 70th birthday still look younger than tinubu so how come is claiming 69 then how old was he first born Folashade ,how old is her wife olremi ,and how many years will Tinubu him will take from me & I am 40+ & I looks at him as my father so he shld stop lying of is age & lead a good sample for young politician coming .


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