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Boko Haram insurgents may have been gaining ground these days of their onslaughts in direction of the Nigerian Military, nonetheless the deaths of troopers in battle are usually laden with untold tales of the heroics of Nigerian troops.

As Newspoint Media has now found from a firsthand witness, when Boko Haram raided the Army’s base in Monguno, Borno State, inside the remaining week of 2018, the soldier who was killed, misplaced his life in most likely probably the most heroic of circumstances — and by no means until he had killed a minimal of 14 Boko Haram insurgents.

“We were on ground when Boko Haram surprised us with a strike,” a soldier who escaped the assault unhurt instructed SaharaReporters on Thursday.

“The first thing we did was to run for cover. We ran until we arrived a location fenced with transparent barbed wire. The place was locked.”

The soldier driving the auto disembarked and fired on the padlock, paving the way in which through which for others to price by means of the gate and run until they acquired to a parapet — “a straight, deep hole that you can take cover in” — the place the assailants had been hiding of their dozens.

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“The Boko Haram insurgents were hiding inside,” said the soldier.

“That was how the driving force received right here down from his private vehicle, collected his rifle, jumped into the parapet and commenced taking photos these guys inside [the insurgents].

“He killed more than 14 Boko Haram insurgents before he died — more than 14. He was killing them and advancing. But there was one insurgent that he shot and thought had died; it was that one who eventually managed to shoot him in the back as he was advancing, otherwise he would have killed many more. He killed many of them already, more than 14.”

Only one soldier — that driver — died in that assault, whereas one different was injured. But in an assault the similar week when insurgents overtook Baga, killing many troopers, with some 700 additional missing, the story was solely utterly completely different.

“Nobody stood to fight. People ran away — because Boko Haram came with enough weapons. Those guys were holding good weapons. All those things that the Army says about weapons are fake; they are lying. They don’t have what Boko Haram has,” the soldier added.

“You cannot study your self holding a blunt knife and attempting to battle any individual with a sharp cutlass. Imagine, your knife is simply not prolonged; and it’s not sharp. Now, your opponent has an prolonged and sharp cutlass. The particular person will definitely defeat you.

“So, that is the problem we’re facing; we don’t have weapons. Look at Baga, Boko Haram collected it from the Army. The most painful thing is that the brigade there had a guard room where both soldiers and Boko Haram were locked. When Boko Haram chased everyone away, they opened the guard room. What do you think they would have done to the soldiers in that guardroom? Kill them, of course!”


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