The Director General of the National Youth Service Corps scheme, Brigadier General Ibrahim Shuaibu has earlier assured serving Corp members of the immediate enjoyment of the most talked about and anticipated minimum wage once it is implemented by the federal government.

Following this, Corp members whose hopes are still alive on the implementation are looking forward to the increased allowance as the increment has been captured in the 2020 budget and assented into law by the president after the National Assembly have passed it.

Corp members who enjoy the current minimum wage as they receive 19,800 as net allowance instead of the normal 18,000 do so because of the increased ten percent which is captured in their allowances.

However, following the implementation of the new minimum wage by the federal government as we anticipate this new year, 2020, Corp members should not expect 30,000 but 33,000 as allowance or alawee as it is most called.

This is in line with the capturing of the ten percent increase which is hoped to be reflected on the new allowance, hopefully.

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