BREAKING!! Another Mysterious Deaths Hit Aso Rock Villa


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BREAKING!! Another Mysterious Deaths Hit Aso Rock Villa



The General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries, Inc., a.k.a By Fire By Fire, Nnewi, Anambra State, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh has predicted mystery deaths in Aso Rock, if the nation’s political leaders continue to support what he termed ethnic and religious atrocities going on in the country.

He said he saw a vision where an Angel of death was sent by God to move into Aso Rock to carry out God’s instructions “because God has been so provoked that He decided to punish merchants of killers, kidnappers and other kinds of atrocities.”

Speaking to newsmen shortly after his 40-day fasting and prayer session, Bishop Udeh revealed that he saw God Himself dishing out instructions to the Angel of death on how to take Aso Rock by the storm to vent God’s anger on the political leaders who he alleged had allowed the spill of the blood of innocent citizens across the nation.

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“There is going to be mystery deaths in Aso Rock very soon because I saw an Angel of death sent by God in anger. They will fly into the Aso Rock and any moment from now, the Angel will strike and if allowed to strike, it will be disastrous in nature because no man or woman with blood stained hands will be spared.

“I, therefore, advise everybody, particularly our political and religious leaders to do the needful by proscribing those who deserve proscription, arraign the kidnappers before the court and disarm the killer herdsmen and bandits else the Angel of God on errand will strike them down.

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He wondered how anyone could eat from ransom paid for kidnapping? He expressed dismay that a Governor in one of the Northern States, according to him, was bold enough to display what he described as act of tribalism “by supporting arms bearing for killer herdsmen.”

“The Angel is on its way already. People should stop eating from blood money. Those things will turn against them in future. It is inportant for those who are eating the blood money to stop kidnapping. Right now, more deadly groups are being formed and bad elements are being preserved.

“You use oil money owned collectively to pay ransom in foreign currency. I am sorry for you. I weep for what will befall on all the conspirators in the near future. Nepotic act and lopsided appointments are the criteria to be used by the Angel of death. You keep non professionals in key positions at the mercy of qualified ones who are ignored just because they are not from a certain ethnic groups.

“It is settlement galore for the few, while majority die in hunger and penury. We are engrossed in politics of settlement where the kidnappers are being settled and time will come when they will start kidnapping top government officials. The wicked shall not go unpunished and no escape route for them.

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“President Muhammadu Buhari promised Nigerians during his campaign days that petrol will be sold at N50 per litre and that Dollar will be exchanged for N30. Did he fulfill those campaign promises to warrant his re-election in 2019 or wasn’t that election rigged in his favour?”

“He should resign honourably and hand over to his Vice, Osinbajo who made a significant impact when Buhari was away on a medical trip abroad sometime ago. Osinbajo handled the country very well then but on return, Buhari scattered everything put in place by Osinbajo. Osinbajo is sidelined because he refused to be converted into Islam”.

“Have the International community, European Union, EU, United Nations, UNs and African Union, AU, not heard that Nigeria is drifting into an Islamic country. Why not allow Christians to part their way, while Muslims stay on their own, like in the case of Sudan where Southern Sudanese are Christians, while Northern Sudanese are Muslims?

“Our Governors who are supposed to be our mouthpiece are keeping silent because if they dare talk, they could be impeached or punished. Where lies the unity in Igbo land? Why should for any reason, Governor Hope Uzodimma bring military into Imo state to kill people at Orlu? How did he become a Governor after clinching the fourth position during the Imo Governorship election?”

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“Our oil is being used as a national cake but other mineral resources in other States remain their exclusive property. The victims of these Angel of death are those in the positions of authority who have the power to speak against kidnapping but failed to do so.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo should be dissolved because they were imposed on the people from Aso Rock. They should be dissolved to allow for an election of those to be elected by Ndigbo themselves and not those imposed on them like in the case of Nnia Nwodo and now George Obiozor from Aso Rock”.

“Because Nwodo was imposed on us, he acted according to their whims and caprices and left. Now Obiozor was equally imposed on Ndigbo by Aso Rock because Aso Rock knows that the only way to cripple Ndigbo is by sowing the apple of disunity among Ndigbo and nowadays, elections favour those approved by Aso Rock, ” he posited.

The Bishop further alleged that all the federal courts were occupied by Muslims who he said were rejoicing over that against other ethnic nationalities.

Bishop Udeh warned former President Goodluck Jonathan to be careful not to join the Presidential campaign train to avoid being dealt with decisively by those he called power brokers.


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