BREAKING!! Another Terror Group More Deadly Than Boko Haram Emerged In Lagos



Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, claims that there is an organized terror group operating in Lagos State.

The IPOB leader further claimed that the Miyetti Allah in Ebonyi State had been operating as a terror group for years before being driven out by the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

He claimed that the ESN and IPOB are being intimidated by the Nigerian government because they are determined to defeat terrorist groups in the South-East.

The pro-Biafra group’s commander further stated that his service is not limited to Biafra agitators, but also to all courageous youths in Nigeria, and that his primary goal is to see corrupt people in the country killed or imprisoned.

On Sunday evening, Kanu revealed this during his live broadcast.

“This year, God gave me a new assignment, which is to serve not only the wonderful people of Biafra, but also the brave youths of Nigeria. That’s exactly what I’m doing. And I’ll keep doing it until everyone is free, and until every corrupt individual is either dead, hanged, or imprisoned.

We differ from some of you in that we follow through on what we say. However, you continue to grumble and murmur, “things are bad o, things are bad.” We are to realize our dreams because Elohim is on the throne, not because we are better than anyone else.

“In Ebonyi, Miyetti Allah was a full-fledged terror group, but IPOB and ESN pushed them out, which is why the DSS (Department of State Services) has labeled ESN a terrorist organization because we outlawed Fulani murderers on our ancestral lands,” he said.

And I got confirmation that they are now in Lagos before I went on air this evening. That’s what they were trying to hide under the IPOB attacks in Lagos. I want you to know that if I tell you we have a terror group in Lagos, you will be amazed,” Kanu remarked.

Kanu further stated that the IPOB and ESN will begin to limit the harassment of their members by the DSS after the Southern Governors unanimously barred open grazing in their respective states.

They’re attempting to identify the ESN terrorist organization. What is the reason for this? We won the East because we defeated them. We rendered them ineffective. Because of the work that Eastern Security Network has done in the past, is currently doing, and will continue to do in the future.

“That is why, just last week, the governors of the southern states announced a moratorium on open grazing. As a result of the Eastern Security Network’s bravery and sacrifice, they will attempt for the first time in their lives to challenge Fulani Islamic rule head-on.

Every DSS office we know should be under surveillance, and we should start dealing with them as soon as we get our hands on them,” Kanu added.

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