BREAKING!! Big Chinese Rocket May Hit Abuja Early Sunday — According To Experts, Officials


According to experts and officials, the debris from a Chinese rocket might hit Abuja this weekend, according to NBC, an American news outlet.

According to NBC, a fragment of a Chinese rocket launched in late April would re-enter the atmosphere between late Saturday and early Sunday.

“It’s ten stories tall and twice as big as a school bus, and it’s coming down this weekend — but no one knows where or when.” According to experts and officials, the 98-foot-tall, 20-ton portion of China’s Long March 5B rocket is tumbling through space in an uncontrolled orbit at 18,000 miles per hour after blasting off last month carrying part of the country’s new space station.

Beijing, China’s capital, as well as the American cities of New York and Los Angeles, Madrid, Spain, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were identified as possible landing sites. According to scientists, the chances of it killing someone once it re-enters the world are low, but not zero.

The Aerospace Corporation, a non-profit research organization based in the United States, said in a statement on Friday that its landing prediction was eight hours on either side of 4:19 GMT on Sunday. It identified an area near New Zealand’s north island as a potential re-entry point, but said it could happen anywhere on the planet.

“You’ve got a large lump of metal in space that’s in a diminishing orbit because it’s rubbing up against the atmosphere,” Don Pollacco, a physics professor at England’s University of Warwick who tracks space debris, was quoted as saying. It will collide with the atmosphere, bounce around a bit, and since water covers the majority of the earth, it will most likely settle there.

“However, it’s possible it won’t.” When asked about the rocket on Friday, Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said it would burn up on re-entry and that its descent was “standard international practice.” “The chances of causing harm to aviation or ground-based operations are extremely remote,” he said.

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