Delta Born Blogger, Journalist, and Publisher of Ejes Gist News, Omajemite Don Eneme, has called out Nigerian Pastors on his Facebook Post.

He challenges Nigerian Pastors, who often show Miracles to Milk Nigerians to cast and bind Coronavirus out of Nigeria?
He advised Nigerians to seek God and not Miracle.

He wrote;
Where are the Miracle merchants in Nigeria?

When will they cast and bind Coronavirus out of Nigeria?

It is now clear that most of the Miracles, you watch on your TV stations are fake and for your Entertainment and not for salvation.

God doesn’t work the way they are displayed to you (us) on TVs.

I challenge them to cast out Coronavirus,
I challenge them to visit isolation Centers without wearing a mask.
I challenge them to perform Miracle on Coronavirus patients.
It is clear we don’t need Miracle; what the human race need is Jesus Christ.

It is time for you to seek Salvation now, and stop running from church to church for Miracle.

God is everywhere.

Salvation is the Greatest Miracle you need, not those Miracle been displayed by Merchants on TVs.

Seek Jesus Christ now, not Miracle, and every other thing will be added unto you.

Happy Easter to you all.

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