Breaking : Federal govt budget $11b to lobby SE/SS for a land for the ‘Ruga’ Settlement


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According to the intelligence report received a few hours ago. Our agent said that the Federal budget about $11b to lobby SE/SS states for a land for the Ruga Settlement project. The states include: Anambra Abia Imo Enugu Ebonyi others are Akwa Ibom. Cross River. Bayelsa. Rivers. Delta. Edo. The states will share $1b each. It is said that the federal govt have three options to get the required hectares of land needed from the two regions.

According to the report the first will be to lobby (Bribe) the influential people in each state to help convince their people on the need to have Ruga Fulani settlement in the state and also influence or force the governor to release land for the Ruga project. The states will also be lobbied with ministerial appointment, board members into choice govt parastatals etc.

The second option will be to buy hectares of land from each state through a third party. We also learnt that the govt has met with some influential people in the affected states to begin looking for large hectares of land. Some traditional rulers are said to be involved the deal.

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The third option will be to take land by forcing it on the people. This, they have done in Benue state. They will do it by creating chaos and division and disagreement among the people of the states. Which may lead to arm conflict. The government will then declare state of emergency and inviting the army and forcefully take over the states and create Ruga settlement for the Fulani

The intelligence reports also revealed that Buhari travel to Saudi Arabia immediately after the inauguration was to finalise the South west land deal with Saudi Arabia planned to hand over Buhari for the Ruga Settlement. You may recall that I once mention that the Fulani already got all the land they wanted from south west through Saudi Arabia

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Bellow is the excerpt

Arab world headed by Saudi Arabia bought hectares of land in this state for Bio Fuel Agriculture. The states include: Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Kwara, Kogi, Benue, Gombe, Bauchi, Zamfara, Kano, Kaduna, Nasarawa and Plateau, but now we know why they bought the lands. They bought the lands for future Fulani settlement because of desertification in Fulani states and countries in Africa and also for expansion of Islam. This is the reason the Fulani herdsmen cannot be stopped because they believe they are grazing on their land. The states mentioned above are the states Buhari govt wants to create Ruga settlement.

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This game started long ago. Buhari was ordered by the Fulani world Council to make space for settling the Fulani as desertification encroaches. It is also in tune with their age long propensity for conquest, violence and political domination. It also is in tandem with radical Islam’s jihad, which is being spearheaded by the same Fulani. Remember also his pledge that Sharia must be spread.

The Fulani attacks will bring two results. Gain more territories to resettle the Fulani and spread Islam and Sharia. The Fulani world Council is using prominent Fulanis in Nigeria like El-Rufai, Buhari, etc. to create a conducive atmosphere to resettle Fulani of West and Central Africa in Nigeria. Remember Buhari has been the main patron of the Miyetti Allah group since 1998.

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These attacks started two years later in the year 2000. The first organisation that visited Buhari in Abuja and the first meeting Buhari held in Abuja after one month in office was the meeting with the OIC. The meeting was attended by all the heads of state from Muslim countries. No journalist was allowed to cover the meeting and what was discussed in the meeting has not been made open to the public, as we speak. Fulani and the Arab world colonisation of Nigeria is about to complete




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