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BREAKING!! Heavy Shootings Ongoing, 3 Confirmed Dead As Police And Soldiers Clash [VIDEO]

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BREAKING!! Heavy Shootings Ongoing, 3 Confirmed Dead As Police And Soldiers Clash [VIDEO]




When two elephants clash, it is said that the grass suffers as a result of the fight. When two of the country’s security forces decide to turn the country’s streets into a free-for-all action adventure, you know something is seriously wrong with this country.

We take advantage of this opportunity to reminisce about a tumultuous period in our country’s history when soldiers and police clashed in Lagos.

When soldiers and police exchanged live fire in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, at least three people were shot dead in a display of supremacy between operatives of the Nigeria Police Force and the Nigeria Army.

When an altercation between a police officer and a soldier devolved into a wild free-for-all, the occurrence occurred.

According to reports, police and soldiers exchanged fire around the city’s main street, torching vehicles and offices in one of the worst police-soldier clashes in recent years.

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When news emerged that a police officer had beaten up an army private, more than 200 enraged soldiers marched into the streets to stage a retaliation assault.

Witnesses said troops from the Abalti Barracks in Lagos’ Surulere district marched 500 meters to the Police Area Command office on Western Avenue, where they set a building on fire after releasing detained criminals.

An off-duty soldier was beaten up by policemen during an altercation, according to Uche Aniagor, a shopkeeper who witnessed the attack.

“The soldier dashed to a nearby barracks and summoned his comrades, who arrived armed and in large numbers,” Aniagor explained.

According to witnesses, the soldiers exchanged fire with the fleeing police officers and pursued them to the command office, where they set fire to the main building as well as hundreds of cars parked in the police complex.

“We’re not sure what killed them,” a Red Cross official said on condition of anonymity, adding that one of the bodies had bullet wounds.

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Soldiers and police regularly clash in Nigeria, where decades of military rule have bolstered a sense of superiority among the army’s lower ranks over the police force. However, after the end of military rule in 1999, the military’s power has waned, potentially fueling inter-force competition as police become more constitutionally relevant.

When former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu visited the scene of the smoldering police station later, he told reporters that senior police and army officers had brought the situation under control.

“Whatever the issue is, we’ll get to the bottom of it and do everything we can to fix it,” Tinubu said.

Sunday Ehindero, the then-Police Inspector General, responded to the incident by calling it a “minor incident” and claiming that steps were being taken to avoid a repeat in the future.

Such an incident should never be considered a minor incident in a country with trigger-happy cops.

This arrogance is one of the “little stuff” that, if left unchecked, contributed to the incidents that led to the Lekki Tollgate riots.

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Our security forces must recognize the value of respecting themselves, their uniforms, and their country.

They are members of the executive and are required to represent their country in whatever way they can – not by battling each other or becoming public nuisances, but by upholding the law and assisting in the development of Nigeria.


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