The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, posted thus in his Facebook page earlier this morning:

“[This post has been suppressed by Facebook because they support the Federal Terrorist Government of Nigga-eria (Nigeria)]

CONSISTENCY, TRUTHFULNESS, DISCIPLINE, APPLICATION are the traits that characterise our approach in all we do.

Even Islamic clerics of Sunna persuasion which the late Buhari belonged to now recognise that Aisha’s boyfriend with the mask in Aso Rock is not the diseased, old, brutal, semi-literate dictator with no certificate.

Those like corrupt FACEBOOK, brown envelope journalists and some compromised diplomats that thought they could persuade us away from speaking this TRUTH are very much mistaken. For the Christian New Testament made it clear that “You shall know the truth and that TRUTH will set you Free”.

If Buhari is alive I will collapse IPOB and cease the agitation for Biafra. Let him conduct a simple LIVE press interview without scripted questions in Fulfude. As simple as that!”

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