BREAKING!! Man Caught Pants Down in Another Man’s House Having Sex With His Friend’s Wife (Watch Video)

Man Caught Pants Down in Another Man’s House Having Sex With His Friend’s Wife (Watch Video)


Drama ensued in the county of Kawangware Nairobi when a certain man was caught pants down in the house of another man having a nice time. Sources revealed that the man had been seeing the wife of another man. When his husband had left for his night duties, that guy used to approach the woman.

The guy tried to smash the ground so he could cover his face. After discovering that his friend had come to know about his other hand, and more so with the wife of his friend’s infidelity.

The owner of the house simply glared at the two and then closed the door behind them, telling him that he was going to have a nice time with his friend’s wife as well.

When the guy tried to find his way through the window, it was even more dramatic. This was because he couldn’t take the guilt anymore.

It is not clear, however, whether the house mustar has actually gone to the house of the citizens. It’s not clear if the man went back to his wife, or the wife went his way, or apologised. What do you think these three have done? Send in your reply, please.

Elsewhere, with a married lady, this randy guy was busted with his pants down and had to run for his dear life.

Although naked after being pursued by the lover’s husband, who happens to be a military officer, the poor guy ran into a police station.

The guy said the woman was lying to him about the fact that she was a widow, and he invited him to her home.

“The lady told me that she was a widow, and that her husband had been killed in the Dust 2 terror attack last year.”

“I did not know that the husband was not only alive, but was also an officer of the KDF stationed in the Nanyuki Barracks,” said the shaken man as he begged the officers for safety.

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