BREAKING!! Muslims Currently Protesting Against President Buhari in Abuja••
Northern Elders Reject Buhari, Says President Buhari Must Be Impeached

The Northern Elders have joined the chorus of voices calling for President Buhari’s impeachment. reports that, President Muhammadu Buhari should be impeached if he cannot solve Nigeria’s insecurity crisis, according to Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, spokesman for the Northern Elders Forum (NEF).

On Monday, Baba-Ahmed said on AIT’s “Kakaaki” program that the nation cannot wait another two years for Buhari to resolve insecurity issues.


He said that those in positions of constitutional authority must recognize the country’s desperate situation and do more than talk and make promises.

The second choice, he said, is for people to band together and vote to take action.


“The third choice is that the failing leaders will understand that they are the issue and resign because they simply have little to give in terms of leadership,” he said.

“Alternatively, as our political structure allows, those in charge of getting them off should impeach those who are struggling. The president should be impeached if he fails to deliver.

“We don’t seem to have a national assembly with the degree of patriotism and concern that go beyond party politics to understand that if this roof falls in, it will also fall on their heads.

“There is so much partisanship in Nigeria that the people we elected and sent to Abuja believe they are serving the president rather than the Nigerian people.”

Meanwhile, gathered that, the news now is that a group of Muslims were seen Protesting Against President Muhammadu Buhari at the National mosque Abuja…

According to the video obtained by, the Muslim faithful could be heard shouting, kill us all if you want to… How can someone without a certificate give the order?

Well, armed Nigerian Military Were seen and preventing the Protesters from entering the mosque.

At the time of this report, the protesters are still at the Abuja National Mosque protesting.

Watch Video.



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