BREAKING!! Nigerians React As Police Arrest Two Popular Pastors Over Extra Marital Affair


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BREAKING!! Nigerians React As Police Arrest Two Popular Pastors Over Extra Marital Affair


A male Pastor of the International Gospel Centre of Liberty, Yola in Adamawa, Pastor Ebenezer Otueke Otinjele, and a female Pastor of the International Encouragement Fellowship, Juliana Eli Daniel, were arrested for allegations of extra marital affairs.

The professed man and woman of God at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Yola are reportedly in police custody and are being prosecuted in connection with the accusation.

The suspects, Ebenezer, behind Yola Police barracks, is the Pastor of Liberty Gospel Centre, while Juliana is an involved minister at Hayin Gada’s Encouragement Fellowship Centre along Yola Futy Road in Adamawa.

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Juliana Eli Daniel, a Yola Electricity Distribution Company(YERD) employee, is said to be working directly under Pastor Ebenezer, who is a Yola Electricity Distribution Company Business Manager, where they began their extra marital (sexual) affairs.

Ebenezer was rumored to have had extra marital affairs for 4 years with Mr. Eli Daniel, Minister and wife of the Workers of the Federal Ministry of Power Abuja, leading to the pregnancy and bearing of 2 children with other aborted pregnancies.

NEWS PLATFORM announced that on April 6, 2002, Juliana and Daniel were married at the headquarters of the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN) in Numan and had 5 children, including the 2 she had with the man of God whom she had made her husband believe they were his children.

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It was further discovered that Mr. Daniel obtained a job for his wife, Juliana, in early 2016 after the marriage, where she was posted to Yola Business Unit and later deployed to work in the office of Pastor Ebenezer, the Business Manager, where they began their extra marital relationship.

It was said that the husband who works in Abuja had agreed to leave Yola’s wife and children, given the proximity of her office, and that he would visit them from time to time.

Investigation found that they reported having sexual intercourse to the point of committing such an act in her matrimonial home at Mbamba after her deployment to the office of the Business Manager.

NEWS PLATFORM was told that after the children have gone to school, they go to the house and that often they send the children to buy something outside while they are at home in order to have time.

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On September 15, 2016, the Pastor was also alleged to have taken Eli’s wife to Jalingo for the weekend where she left her male child she had with a 12-year-old house maid for Eli and that the child later fell sick and unexpectedly died in her absence.

Family-closed sources told NEWS PLATFORM that in November, 2017 and August, 2020 respectively, she gave birth to 2 children for the Pastor, and that the Pastor has since assumed responsibility by paying their school fees.

The husband, Mr Daniel, who does not realize that the two children are not his biological children, is also paying their school fees, according to sources, as the wife tricked him into thinking that the two children are also his own.

During the delivery of the last born in August 2020, the husband was said to have spent enormous sums of money, and did not know that she was impregnated by someone else.

It was further discovered that she pretends to be loving, loves and watches him closely whenever the husband visits them, and does not encourage him to go outside alone so that he can not be aware of what she does whenever he leaves for Abuja.

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The accused were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday following a petition by the husband, Mr. Eli Daniel, through his lawyer, Sule J. Abul, to the Commissioner of Police, Adamawa State Police Command.

” acts of abatement conspiracy, causing abortion, criminal trespass, adultery and threat to life contrary to sections 49,61,203,339, 374 and 383 (2) of Adamawa state Penal Code Law perpetrated by Ebenezer Otueke and Juliana Eli Daniel “acts of abatement conspiracy, causing abortion, criminal trespass, adultery and threat to life

NEWS Website, which was at the State Criminal Investigation Department’s (CID) OC/D10 Political and Desk Resolution Office, saw both suspects being interviewed by the police with Pastor Ebenezer’s wife outside crying profusely.

The Investigating Police Officer(IPO) ASP Evans Josiah asked NEWS PLATFORM, which had its way to the office where the suspects were being investigated, to leave the office with immediate effect.

When contacted, Suleiman Yahaya Nguroje, the Police Public Relations Officer(DSP), told NEWS PLATFORM that he had yet to be briefed on it.


BREAKING!! Nigerians React As Police Arrest Two Popular Pastors Over Extra Marital Affair


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