Guys be very careful. This third case is a friend of a good friend of mine. I can attest to the fact that the government is being disingenuous about virus for media brownie points. The patient came on a BA flight from London to Lagos last Friday the 13th and was unable to get a test despite having symptoms and being severely ill.

My friend called all the hotlines, hospitals and was unable to get any information. Spoke to the NCDC directly on behalf of the patient, who refused to test her and said “The UK isn’t considered a high risk destination”. The patient was trying to get help since Friday to no avail, they told her not to go to any hospital but also refused to come to her house. Thankfully my friend has a very prominent social media following, is from a political family and was able to sound the alarm on Twitter for four days straight about the lack of nationwide testing in Nigeria and the lack of test kits, at which point the patient finally was given test and was confirmed positive yesterday. This case wouldn’t even be in the news if not for a social media pressure campaign.

The numbers being reported as official cases are undoubtedly innacurate and mass testing is not being done in Nigeria. The spread is likely far more extensive than reported and we are likely being complacent by relying on “official figures”. There cannot be anymore “official cases” if no one is being tested. Stay safe, wash your hands and try to avoid too many public gatherings

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