BREAKING!!! Tension In Nigeria As FG List Names Of Those That Will Be Killed By Soldiers In New Operation


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BREAKING!!! Tension In Nigeria As FG List Names Of Those That Will Be Killed By Soldiers In New Operation


Nigeria has been witnessing raising waves of insecurity in recent years and it seems that things keep getting worse as the days go by.

Despite the fact that the security agencies are making some efforts to combat the waves of insecurity, it appears that the criminal elements causing the insecurity are emboldened to keep doing their evil acts as cases of armed robbery, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, banditry and many others have become regular occurrences.

Consequently, the Chief of Defense Staff, Maj. Gen Lucky Irabor has made it it clear that the Nigerian Army will be ruthless in dealing with the criminal elements in a new operation that they will embark on soon. Irabor specifically stated that the men of the Nigerian Army will kill non- state actors, illegal occupants of communities, forests and countryside in the new operation that the military has concluded plans to embark on. The aim is to restore peace and security to the troubled areas in Nigeria.

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The Defense Chief Irabor stated this on Monday at a one- day National Defense and Security Summit in Abuja held by officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Top government officials and the service chiefs were all in attendance. The summit was to get ideas from the relevant stakeholders which will help the army in its bid to embark on the new operation aimed at crushing the non- state actors that have been causing insecurity through their various criminal activities across the country.

First, President Muhammadu Buhari had given the security agencies the green light to shoot on sight the AK- 47 (sophisticated gun) wielding killer herdsmen in forests and other places. These killer herdsmen have been kidnapping people for ransom, destroying peoples farmlands and crops, raping and killing Nigerians going about their lawful businesses. They will be dealt with because they are enemies of the state occupying communities and forests from where they storm out to attack people thereby causing rise in insecurity.

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Second, the military will brutally deal with armed bandits that have been causing serious insecurity in Nigeria. The bandits have killed many people and kidnapped many more for ransom. The worst of it all is that they target schools and kidnap school children for ransom. Many of the victims have been rescued while some are still in the den of the armed bandits that operate without fear because they have sophisticated weapons.

Most importantly, the targets will be Boko Haram terrorists and other criminal elements. The war on insurgency has been an ongoing one. The military will simply increase the tempo with a view to inject new momentum that will help in crushing the enemies of the state.

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Remember, new service chiefs have just resumed and they will like to impress by making significant improvements in the war against insecurity. Armed robbers, kidnappers and other criminal elements will also be dealt with as the security agencies will synergize in this very important security operation. Like the Defense Chief stated, Nigeria will know peace again.

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