BREAKING!! The Oduduwa Nation’s Agitation Takes New Dimension As The Yoruba People Introduce Their Own Currency


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BREAKING!! The Oduduwa Nation’s Agitation Takes New Dimension As The Yoruba People Introduce Their Own Currency

“The Oduduwa National Currency will be known as ‘FADAKA,’ which means ‘Silver,’ or simply ‘FAD.’ Here is a 20 Fadaka Sample Banknote.”

On Twitter, a group advocating for Yoruba independence has unveiled the currency for the proposed Yoruba country, the Oduduwa Republic.

On Sunday, the group shared a picture of the proposed currency on its Twitter account, @OduduwaRepublic.

“Oduduwa National Currency shall be called ‘FADAKA’ Meaning Silver… or simply ‘FAD’ Here is a 20 Fadaka Sample Banknote,” the tweet read.

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Banji Akintoye, a Yoruba historian, and Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho), a freedom fighter, recently proclaimed the Yoruba nation’s sovereignty, according to SaharaReporters.

Other Yoruba leaders, including Akintoye and Igboho, have confirmed that the Yoruba nation can be independent and still prosper.

The most important thing for the Yoruba community, according to Professor Akintoye, is to learn to work toward its sovereignty.

He claims that now is not the time to negotiate reform, resource management, or a new constitution, but rather to declare independence from Nigeria.

He urged all Yoruba patriots to work together for the Yoruba nation’s freedom, encouraging the youth to avoid violence and instead engage in peaceful deliberations.

“Now that we have proclaimed our sovereignty, we must work together. We’ve just addressed the situation of the Yoruba people in Nigeria. There should be no excuse why we can’t all work together to get Nigeria out of the quagmire it has become.

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“My advice to young people is to get together and talk to leaders who are hesitant about Nigeria; there is no need for any Yoruba person to be dreaming about restructuring, a new constitution, or resource control; the game is over; we have seen enough of Nigeria; we have decided our status in the world today; we have moved forward; let us move forward without violence; don’t fight anyone. There should be no war; a separate Yoruba conference will be held very soon.”

The South-West states, according to Igboho, are no longer under Nigerian control.

He urged Yorubas living elsewhere in the country to return to the South-West.

“All the Yoruba youth in this land support our father,” he said (Banji Akintoye). We are in solidarity because we know that these are our true fathers, who realize that we are fighting for our rights against those who are infringing on our property. We are prepared to face and destroy any Fulani herdsman we come across, and we are prepared to face and destroy any police officer who threatens us for doing so.

“We are ready to take on a nation that has no respect for the Yoruba people; we are reclaiming our land. I meet with 5- and 6-year-old children who have no fathers, mothers, or anything else; these children smoke Indian hemp; this country is finished; we don’t want Nigeria to exist again; we want the Yoruba nation to exist again; we don’t fear anyone; we fear only God; enough is enough.

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“Fulanis trick us; they rape our women and film it so we can see it. Osun State is not up to Benin Republic, and they live in peace and stability. Yoruba citizens are being sent there to serve as maids, and some of our people are being sent back because they lack proper documentation. Ghanaians used to come here to work as cobblers when we were kids, but now Yorubas are asked to leave.

“No Yoruba person has ever held a major political role in Nigeria; this is the 14th year that a Yoruba man has served as Inspector-General of Police, and no Yoruba has ever served as Chief of Army Staff. Instead of giving us the title of Vice President, which allows us to make no big decisions, Hausa Fulani is in charge of everything.

“All Yoruba people support our bid to secede, Banji Akintoye, Afenifere, the Yorubas are aware of it, and anyone who claims otherwise should make a video to refute this assertion.

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“There would be trouble if we hear that a soldier or police officer has touched one of us; we don’t want Fulani herdsmen; they should go their own way.” We’ll start going from place to place tomorrow to educate people about security; we won’t see Fulani again.

“Isn’t it slavery when these herders go around destroying our crops and then selling us food?” A Seriki Fulani king’s palace is larger than a Yoruba king’s. We are grateful to the Olubadan for deposing a Seriki Fulani and putting him under the control of a Baale. No Yoruba person in the north can do what the Fulanis do here. Why are we enslaved in our own country?

“Yorubas can be found in many countries around the world. We beg the United Nations to detach us from Nigeria before war breaks out; if they don’t, it will be much worse. We are no longer in Nigeria, we are no longer under dictatorial rule, we sleep in fear, we eat in fear, and are we slaves?

“Some say the Yoruba aren’t united, but we are! Touch one of us if you want to test us. Any king who claims he is not with us should record a video to prove his point. Come home, Yoruba people of Hausa territory, this misery is enough.”


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