BREAKING!!! ‘Witches’ Association Of Nigeria Sends Strong Warning To Osinbajo Against Joining Presidential Race, Gives Reasons


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BREAKING!!! ‘Witches’ Association Of Nigeria Sends Strong Warning To Osinbajo Against Joining Presidential Race, Gives Reasons




The White Witches Association of Nigeria (WWAN) on Saturday has warned the vice president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo against joining the 2023 presidential race


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The witches group come out with a damning prediction on the political future of Vice President Yemi Osibanjo to the effect that he would not win the forthcoming presidential election no matter how hard he tries.



The Association said that God brought Osibanjo for a particular mission and that he would conclude that mission on May 29, 2023 and therefore advised him to return to the pulpit where God has a higher assignment for him more than being the “head of state”.


The spokesman of the witches and the former board member, Edo State Traditional Council in the administration of former Governor Adams Oshiomhole, Dr Iboi Okhue, said that the Vice President was sent by God to deliver a specific assignment which he will finish next year, advising that it would be a “waste” of resources, energy and time if the Professor of Law sticks out his neck to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.


“God sents him to deliver a message to Nigerians. He has done that and he should go back to the church. God will use him in a bigger way other than being a head of state,” Okhue said.


Okhue revealed that a sitting governor from the South-East geopolitical zone would be impeached except he engages in fervent and effective prayer, adding that a topnotch political figure in Nigeria would die before the next elections and his death would shake the entire country and the international community.


Some of the serving governors will have serious problems and one of them will be removed from office before his time. The only solution is serious prayer. In the South-East, one of the governors will have problem with his own people and he will be removed from office before the next election,” he said.


The WWAN Spokesman blamed the present precarious situation of Nigeria on the cabal that has hijacked the government of President Buhari, whom, he said has a good intention for the country but has always been frustrated by people who don’t wish the country well.


Dr Okhue said that after the meeting of the witches which took place in Aladja, Warri in Delta state in February, far-reaching decisions were taken which include free, fair and credible elections next year so that whoever emerges as the next President, Nigerians will not have any reason but to accept him.


The mouth-piece of the witches who would not want to disclose the geo-political zone that would produce the next president for security reason said “he will be a man Nigerians will love and accept. He will reposition Nigeria for greatness again and clear all the piling debts the country has accumulated.


“We had our meeting in the last week of February in Aladja, Warri. Nigeria has suffered for too long and the only way to tackle that problem is to have a credible election. That is why I can tell you that the next election will be very free and transparent. The winner will be accepted by Nigerians and he will do very well,” he assured.


  1. So witches now now who is good for a country, what does witches know about being good? Abeg oo.

  2. Come on my people. Did I read well or is my sight deceiving me? What has witches got to do with goodness. If witchcraft is what determines the fate of our country then all the churches in Nigeria must close shop. I expect them to reply these forces of darkness and refute these their spurious claims to determine the future of Nigeria. This is the time to know who is superior the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light. And if the custodians of God’s kingdom refuse to come out now and defend God’s interest in Nigeria and tell the witches to shut up then they will not be able to do so when the witches have taken control of the outcome of coming presidential election. Do it now or keep quiet about the outcome of the election if it doesn’t favour you. You may say you’re praying against them already. That’s not a problem as long as the end justifies the means.


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