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Buhari, Where is Dino Melaye, Our Dramatic Senator?

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Compliments of the season to my readers, fans, friends and family. I hope we are enjoying this season of marvellous prophecies from our fanstastic men of God,

I believe we are coping with our own stone–free and polished rice as it went yummier with chicken during Christmas and New Year celebration and I want to believe the gist of Saraki and Kwara State government on Ile Arugbo demolition, Obaseki and Oshiomole drama in Edo, EFCC and Sheu Sanni among others are mesmerizing our attentions. Smiles!

Welcome to Nigeria, an abode of dramatic melody. Among the gists listed above, I have never read any comments from our most dramatic former Senator Dino Melaye so far, most importantly, the demolition of Ile Arugbo in Ilorin that belongs to Dinno’s main man.

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Till now, it is hard to believe that Dinno Melaye can maintain such perfect decorum like a cemetery on issue that concerns Bukola Saraki. So, Dinno’s luggage is more than enough for him to carry.

What a pity! People that decamped in order to foil Sai Baba’s second term could not even rescue themselves during distress. Power is indeed transcient. Joke apart, if Dinno still maintains his position in the Senate, headlines would have been dancing Zanku to shame Kwara State Governor Abdul Rasaq by now on his vindictive decision.

Now, I think Kogi man is busy writing script for his Nollywood movie. Well, Dinno remains my man; I love his innovative transition from politics to acting. The senate is having fresh air, rubber stamp Senate President is enjoying his seat and Mr President is living fine in the other room while the cabals are mulling over 2023 election in 2020. But for real,

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Comrade Dino who displayed Aluta and whose Alutarism exposed Nigeria 8th Senate to mockery and reproach now seems to be coward to even make a comment. Could it be because Saraki didn’t show sympathy when Dino was dealt with during his rerun election and now, Dino is maintaining back bench when it’s Saraki’s turn.

Any which way, something might have went wrong somewhere. I want Dino Melaye not to be coward. He should continue to raise his voice like he did during his era in the Senate. I want Dino not to fear EFCC and stand by his main man during this tough time.

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Tell comrade Dino to continue with his comradeship out of power. Someone like Busy Brain is missing his drama dearly from Kwara State. But it’s advisable for Dino to remain silent before EFCC will extend greetings to his car park. This is Nigeria; the drama continues…

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Jake Clifford

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