Buhari’s Regime To Shutdown Internet June 12


President Buhari is planning to shut down the internet on June 12th.

The end of open internet has arrived in Nigeria, with more media outlets poised to be shut down. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a slew of local news outlets will follow. These are sad news.

See post below:

The government and her politicians, who make the majority of their money from lootings, will do anything to stay in power and keep power, even if it means further poverty for Nigeria’s hardworking citizens. The government’s decision to shut down the internet is a done deal.

Millions of Nigerians, including ourselves, Nairaland, and millions of AdSense earners, affiliate marketers, network marketers, content providers, and others will be affected if the internet is shut down.

Many people still do not believe it, which is a great shame. Please, don’t make me laugh. Just finished reading this article.


Buhari’s Regime To Shutdown Internet June 12

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