BURSTED!!! Top Government Official Caught Having Sex With His Secretary During Zoom Meeting (Video)


BURSTED!!! Top Government Official Caught Having Sex With His Secretary During Zoom Meeting (Video)

In the Philippines, a government official has been caught performing sexual acts with his secretary after he mistakenly joined a Zoom meeting with his other colleagues.

The staff from the Fatima Dos Village Council in Cavite were said to be hosting their regular conference meeting via Zoom call on Wednesday before their boss, Jesus Estil, joined the meeting.

The reports said Estil who is not so tech-savvy mistakenly pushed the wrong button and left his camera on.

As the meeting began, the boss stood up and then walked towards a woman seated on the sofa not far from the computer. A few seconds later, the pair began performing sexual acts while their stunned colleagues watched on.

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The captain and the woman were later seen joining their colleagues for the meeting and not knowing they had exposed themselves.

The woman was later identified as his secretary who also does the accounting of the local government’s office.

The video recorded by one of his colleagues was shared online and it prompted some residents of the village to file a petition to dismiss the captain for misconduct.


The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) have confirmed that Estil will be relieved of his post as quickly as possible.

‘This is not simple misconduct, but grave misconduct. We will do everything to punish him.
Naturally, the staff member in question has asked for forgiveness but it is not that easy.‘

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