C-River 2023: ‘I Have The Capacity, I Am Ready To Face Anyone From Any Senatorial District’ — Senator Gershom Bassey  


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C-River 2023: ‘I Have The Capacity, I Am Ready To Face Anyone From Any Senatorial District’ — Senator Gershom Bassey


I am sen. Gershom Bassey. I am the senator representing cross river south in the ninth assembly. I am also a founding member of the peoples democratic party (PDP) and because I am one of the founding members of this party, I understand the traditions of this party. The party, PDP was built on good conscience, it was built on brotherly love, togetherness, aspirations, it was built on truth, this party was not built on lies, it was build on truth.
In 1998, when we joined this party, we told ourselves the truth and it is that truth that has made it possible for PDP to win every single governorship election till date and we have never lost a governorship election in Cross River State, because we told ourselves the truth. Mr chairman, you are chairman today because of the truth and I believe that, that truth today permeates your entire EXCO and I know you are a man of truth. Mr. Chairman, I remember when you were speaking the truth to governor Ben Ayade, you did not move back, you spoke the truth with venom, if you can remember such a thing. You spoke the truth with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might and Ayade could not stand the truth, but you insisted on the truth.
So am not here for politics today, the day for politics will come, I just came here, because we want to wish the party and the elected EXCOS merry Christmas and a happy new year as well. A new year where you will stand on the truth, so the new year will be sweet.

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Mr. Chairman in 1999 we elected a PDP man, Mr. Donald Duke as governor of Cross River State, and we beat his opponent who was also my Friend, may his soul rest in peace..
In 2003 we re-elected Donald Duke to go for his second term as governor and after he finished, we didn’t elect another governor from south, we went to the central senatorial District and elected Sen. Liyel Imoke as our governor and even for his second term in office.

After Liyel, nobody contested for governorship from the southern senatorial district, because it was time for the north.
We must speak the truth because the truth will set us free…My friend used to say, if you speak the truth you will die and if you lie you will die, so it’s better to speak the truth and die. So we are going to speak the truth today.
So after Liyel completed his tenure in 2015, we didn’t just go to the north, PDP zoned the governorship to the North. Chairman you were in that meeting, I was in that meeting, who else was in that meeting, if you were in that meeting raise your hands. In that meeting, we zoned governorship to the north, but there was a proviso. What was the proviso, that after 8years of the North, we are coming back to the south. Has that motion been over turned?, are we not still in the PDP ?.We must speak the truth, today na today.

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This celebration cake is to mark this Christmas, it is the cake for truth, so in 2015, not one person from south or central contested for governorship election in PDP because it was zoned to the North.
Mr. Chairman and the entire EXCOS, the ball is in your court, there is a state caucus resolution on ground, what are you going to do about it, chairman and the EXCOS?.
Mr. Chairman I want you to speak the truth, and I know am putting you on a hot seat but I want to wish you and your EXCOS a merry Christmas and a fantastic truthful new year.

Mr. Chairman we love you, we love our party and our state, you are a good man and in the spirit of the season, I came to tell you that am about to start consultation and I hear some people talk about declaration before consultation, I don’t know how that one works but the way I understand it is that, you consult first before your declaration…So am going to consult, we will go around the party, we will consult and we are going to ask Cross Riverians about their opinion in what we want to do and of course we will come here after we have gone round. My own personal direction is in terms of the governorship of Cross River State.

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But let me tell you something, even if I have made the argument on zoning, my contest will not be based on zoning. Am going to match anybody from anywhere, if the person likes he should come from Brazil or England
Mr. Chairman, it is not just an empty talk either is it grammar, but in terms of capacity, nobody running in any party in this state today has my capacity. Chairman if you don’t understand what am saying, I came with documents, let the documents speak for it self. This party sent me to the senate in Abuja, I am not the only one that was sent. The party also sent other senators. This is the abbreviated version of my score card. There is no senator, no house of reps member that can match this record. So in terms of capacity we are ready to match them…in terms of vision for this state, I have not seen anyone that has the whole mandate for the state.

Mr. Chairman you must organize a debate… I don’t like talking behind people, chairman you must organize a debate, let us come and confront ourselves, let’s know exactly the plans we have for this state in terms of education, in terms of economy, In terms of infrastructural development because we are not gambling in 2023.

Long live PDP
Long live Cross River State
Long live Nigeria



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