C-River APC War: You Were Betrayed By Your Brothers, Owan-Enoh Did Not File The Petition That Let To Prince Otu’s Disqualification


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C-River APC War: You Were Betrayed By Your Brothers, Owan-Enoh Did Not File The Petition That Let To Prince Otu’s Disqualification


2023: Please, Blame Us Not! Your Brothers Betrayed You Unknowingly.

Our Southern brothers should please decompress how they express resentment. Our principal, Senator John Owan Enoh didn’t initiate the petition that led to the embattled disqualification saga of Senator Otu. The original intention of the petitioner, was to favour another Southern aspirant but as they say, ” Man proposes, but God disposes“.

Our principal’s move is not against Otu but the neglected adversary behind, whose mission is to see our great party fail in Cross River State. As it is now, the prospect of our party is uncertain and we have to put our emotions and sentiments behind us for sake of the general prosperity of our party.

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Those who watched our victory taken on the eve of the swearing-in of David Lyon in Bayelsa, do not want it to happen in our dear state. Let’s not call anyone names for taking the steps to ensure that it does not happen to us.

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If in the end the party or the court says our candidate is properly cleared, all hands will be on deck to ensure victory without fear. It will be so terrible that we all keep quiet and in the end, we lose. At that point, we will still blame our leaders for not putting forward the issue when they ought to. All that is been done now is to thwart any loophole the opposition will use to spring surprises after we might have won. Let’s remain as one united family, please.

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Destroying the billboards, banners and posters of Senator John Owan Enoh won’t exonerate Otu if he is honestly culpable as indicted. As a supporter of a politician, you should develop or create a space to absorb political scenarios such as this. Towing the part of violence is somehow a sign of defeat. And you should also know that no one on earth, has a monopoly on violence.

In the end, if Otu comes clean, he would surely need to support of Senator John Owan Enoh to win and if he does not, Owan also will sue for his support to win. You who are destroying Owan’s billboards, what will be your gain.

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We the Senator John Owan Enoh’s team will continue to approach and ventilate our support intelligently for our principal within the democratic norms and social civility. This is not a war, but politics. I will advise Otu’s supporters to go into invocations instead of inviting more anguish and complicating issues for your principal, Senator Otu.

Thank You!



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