Cally-Aero Is Just A Political Airline Existing Only In The Heads Of Appointees — Agba Jalingo

Cally Air Begins Operation

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Cally-Aero Is Just A Political Airline Existing Only In The Heads Of Appointees — Agba Jalingo


Flight cancellation is NORMAL.


So, is it reporting that a flight was cancelled that is not normal?

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Don’t we read media reports everytime about how flights are cancelled?

How does reporting that Cally-Aero flight was cancelled becomes abnormal?

Why do some people now feel that reporting that Cally-Aero flight was cancelled, is political?

The flight was cancelled, there was pandemonium at the airport with staff locked in protective custody. That is what is it. It is not a lie.

When other airlines cancel flights, it is also reported. It is because Cally-Aero is just a political airline existing only in the heads of appointees of government and on social media, that any mention of them pricks them tingly.

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If there was a corporate organization like CallyAir existing, a serving Commissioner for Aviation, an associate professor and teacher of law, will not wear a beret and lead protesters to go and barricade a commercial bank to release operational funds for the so called airline or summarily vacate the State.

N4.5billion was scooped from LGA allocations to register and operate an efficient airline. It is our money. Money of the people of Cross River state. It is our duty to tell the public how that money has been spent well or wasted. How our aircrafts are doing, in real time. So whether you people like it or not, until the Ayade government does the right thing with our resources, we will not stop talking. As citizens of our State and of the Republic, we do not need anyone’s permission to report. We have been so empowered by our citizenship.

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Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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