Church Members “Walk In Fire” As Pastor Leads Them In A Practice Of How To Survive Hellfire On The Day of Judgment [Video]


Church Members “Walk In ” As Pastor Leads Them In A Practice Of How To Survive On The Day of Judgment [Video]


Church members are shocked when they “roll in flames” as Pastor leads them in a practice of surviving on Judgement Day.

The events in Christendom make it impossible for discerning Christians to attend church on Saturdays and Sundays.

And the video that accompanies this publication is no different from the religious craziness.




A group of people gather around a in a pit in viral footage spotted by our squad. A stands near the party, holding a liquid substance and pouring it into the pit.

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After that, the party formed a line and began walking through the pit. And, from what I could hear, the community was being led by their preacher to learn how to live in on the Day of Judgment.




This isn’t the first time this strange incident has occurred; in 2017, a South African pastor named Monyeki ordered his congregation to drink water laced with rat poison in order to test their confidence in God.

Check out the video below.

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