Everyone is already aware of this ‘stay at home’ period as a means to curb the coronavirus epidemic.

It’s apparently a difficult time for us most especially the average citizen who are not financially good.

Some depends on daily income while some are even dependent on another.
The Federal Government are yet to provide means for it citizen to survive on, food is irresistible I hope our government understand.

My landlady, Been a businesswoman, whose means of survival solely depends on her business shared her experience below :

I had a discussion with my landlady on how she’s been surviving on the ends. Her experience towards life is a pity one as she explained how unbearable life is treating her.

“Sometimes I go all day without a meal, she said . Even me, my formation is 0-1-0 I hope you can relate?
Nigerians are suffering, the government should listen to it people.

The question is
Are You Able To Get Three Meal Daily During This Stay At Home Period?

Let’s hear from you all, media is the only way we can communicate with them

Drop your comments

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  1. Bro even one is a challenge let the government make provision for food or finance for it’s citizen in respect of the current instruction in other for some citizens to obey. Cause I know that some don’t care about the viriuos especially when they are hungry they can even fly without plan or wings thank you


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