Couples Fall From Balcony Together While Having A Serious Argument (Photos)


During an altercation, a couple smashed through their balcony railings and plunged 25 feet to the sidewalk below.

On Saturday morning, May 29, footage shows Olga Volkova and Yevgeny  Karlagin, both 35, fighting on the balcony of their second-floor residence in St Petersburg, Russia.

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While arguing, the couple slammed at the balcony railings, which suddenly shattered, sending the duo down to the concrete below.

When they collapsed, Ms Volkova was in her underwear with a robe or blanket wrapped around her, whilst Mr Karlagin was fully dressed.


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According to local media, the two were brought to the hospital with “severe” injuries.

Both are claimed to have fractured limbs, although they do not appear to be in grave condition.

Witnesses said the couple, who have a young son, were seen arguing around 10 a.m. before being thrown from the balcony.

‘I was walking with my colleague and filming the historic street vista,’ Denis told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

‘When this happened, I saw the row and started shooting.

‘An experienced medical professional was nearby and examined their pulses, confirming that they had both survived.

See Photos Below:

Couples Fall From Balcony Together While Having A Serious Argument (Photos)

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