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COVID-19: Wike Bombard Nigerian Govs, Says They Need To Invest Here Than Embezzling State Funds To Buy Edifice In Abroad

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COVID-19: Wike Bombard Nigerian Govs, Says They Need To Invest Here Than Embezzling State Funds To Buy Edifice In Abroad

After COVID-19 we really need to review our education system and its core values in this nation. If there’s anything COVID-19 has exposed or taught us is how useless our education system really is in Nigeria.

We can’t even use our education to solve our problems in terms of crisis. We can’t manufacture test kits, we have to rely on others to do it for us, can’t make our own standard ventilators, we aren’t even trying to manufacture any serious drug or produce any vaccine on our own, we are just waiting for others to do it. Are we saying that if others don’t give us test kits we wont be able to carry out the test?

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If they don’t manufacture ventilators we won’t? If they don’t make any drug or vaccine we will all sit down and die??????

We can’t even sit down to think of our own home grown solutions that will work for us with our unique culture and situation, instead of copying the emergency trial and error lockdowns that Western nations had to introduce for themselves to fight the virus. We seriously need to sit down and review our education and it’s importance to us as a society and how we should use it to solve our problems after this pandemic is over.

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We the governors in Nigeria needs to invest here than embezzling state funds to buy edifice in abroad.
Now there’s no abroad to go again and no hospital here, how do we survive!?

For example do a research to find out if there is any single COVID 19 case in Madagascar as of today the answer is non because they used self made herb to cure the virus while the evil WHO disapproved it but the president have an order to use it even drank it on live broadcast.

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