Has there ever been a Cross River state Governor who did not appoint young people into government?

Was there ever a governor in our state who did not give the youths a chance?

From when Chief Clement Ebri was governor, we had young Commissioners like Donald Duke, who later became governor and a host of others.

Under Donald Duke as governor, the average age of his cabinet was under 35. Under Imoke as governor, the average age of his cabinet was under 40.



The difference I see between now and then, is that the previous governors had fewer appointees who were a lot more respected, effective and had clear job description. Their tasks were measurable.

Today, a bunch of idle, ignorant, non-productive crowd of slothful young people are merely given titles without any measurable tasks. No value is expected from them for the stipend they are given monthly. The appointees have no respect either. Even their employer constantly describes them derogatorily, as food-on-the-table. Appointments now are simply not for service delivery but for poverty alleviation.

So when next anyone tells you that Ayade has or is bringing youths on board, remind the person of what I just reminded you here. When the two parties, APC and PDP showed their strength in Calabar recently, it was still the same faces running the State since 1999 that were addressing the “youths” from the two pulpits. Same of the same.

So don’t be fooled, young Cross Riverian.

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

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